Mykonos is a lively island with many characterful villages dotted across the island. Of course, on its world-famous beaches, you’ll have opportunities to try your hand at all the usual watersports such as windsurfing, scuba diving, and snorkelling as well as a chance to top up your tan. 

    When the sun sets in Mykonos, you can party the night away in some very happening clubs in the capital, or enjoy a romantic dinner with some stunning views of the Aegean in a quiet seaside village. There’s a lot of history to discover, mostly in the form of museums and ancient landmarks – this is Greece, after all. If all that sightseeing works up an appetite, there are plenty of cafes, restaurants, and tavernas to satisfy you. Discover the best towns, beaches, and villages to visit in Mykonos below.


    Mykonos Town (Chora)

    Wander the picturesque streets by day, party by night

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    Mykonos Town – or Chora – is the capital and largest town on the island. It's a maze of streets filled with cafes, restaurants, tavernas, souvenir shops, boutiques, and jewellery shops. The centre of town is closed to traffic most of the day – many lanes are too narrow to accommodate scooters and bicycles anyway. Up in the hills overlooking the town, you’ll find the iconic 16th-century windmills. Not far from the famous windmills, you’ll come upon the picturesque Little Venice area, with cafes and restaurants that make a nice pitstop in between sightseeing. 

    The town really comes alive at nighttime when its many nightclubs and bars are filled with hedonistic visitors. The party often runs on well into the early hours. Mykonos Town is less than 3 km from the airport, a journey you can easily make via bus, taxi, or rented car. The town's central bus stations are located in Fabrika and Old Port. From there, you can get connections to almost every part of the island.

    Lokasi: Mykonos Town, 846 00, Greece


    Ano Mera

    Seek out serenity in the heart of the island

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    Ano Mera is a picturesque village set right in the heart of Mykonos. the village is quiet and serene, even though it's 2nd most populated town on the island. Everything here is centred around a large public square and the warren of cobbled lanes branching out from it. You’ll discover lots of bakeries, cafes, and tavernas to while away a peaceful afternoon. 

    As the only inland settlement of any size on the island, there isn’t a beach in Ano Mera. The main tourist attraction is a restored monastery that dates back to 1542. There are also walking trails to explore in the rocky hills nearby. Ano Mera village is a short 15-minute bus or car journey from Mykonos Town, which makes for an interesting day trip to see a typical Cycladic village.

    Lokasi: Ano Mera, 846 00, Greece



    Fill your belly with some tasty Greek delicacies

    Klouvas is a small settlement located to the north of Mykonos. Apart from the nearby Ftelia beach, food is the main draw here. The village has several restaurants offering mainly Greek and Mediterranean cuisines. Unsurprisingly, seafood is heavily featured on the menu. There’s also a chance to sample handmade Greek ice cream at N’ice Cream, with recipes from pastry chef Dimitris Chronopoulos. If you want to learn how to rustle up some delicious food yourself, The Mykonian Spiti Centre offers cooking classes, among other activities.

     Ftelia beach is well known as an excellent spot for windsurfing, should you wish to burn off a few of those extra calories. Klouvas is within a 15-minute drive from either Mykonos Town or the island’s airport, where direct transfers are available.

    Lokasi: Klouvas, 846 00, Greece



    Enjoy the best of both worlds in this bustling little village

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    Ornos offers visitors the chance to enjoy both a beach holiday and a Cycladic island village atmosphere. The area’s beaches attract crowds with the promise of sun-lounging and fast-paced activities such as kitesurfing and diving. There are many attractions on land too. The village is busy, with many businesses popping up to attend to the needs of the visiting beachgoers.

    There’s a wealth of restaurants, tavernas, and cafes, as well as plenty of hotels and other accommodation options. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can check out the archaeological ruins on Delos. Ornos sits on a narrow isthmus, which gifts it its 2 beaches – one to the north and the other to the south. Ornos is easy to reach from Mykonos, with buses running every hour from Fabrika bus station.

    Lokasi: Ornos, 846 00, Greece



    Stretch your legs and take a walk along the rugged coastline

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    Kalafati is a quiet little village with a beach that's very popular with families and fans of watersports. Aside from the windsurfing, sailing, and diving, there’s plenty to see and do inland, too. There are plenty of seafood restaurants and open-air bars catering to the crowds along the shoreline. Heading further inland, you’ll find laidback tavernas and eateries. 

    If you enjoy a good walk, rugged trails hug the coastline heading south towards Agia Anna Beach and the small fishing village of Divounia. There’s a little taverna here where you can rehydrate before making the return trip. Kalafti is about a 25-minute drive from Mykonos Town. Buses depart from the Old Port station every 4 hours, so be sure to check ahead for up-to-date departure times. 

    Lokasi: Kalafati, 846 00, Greece



    Indulge in a little celebrity spotting

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    Tourlos is a popular stop-off point for cruise ships passing through Mykonos. The busy coastal village is home to Mykonos New Port and a public yacht harbour. Ferry boats also frequently depart from here to nearby islands and the mainland. It's a picturesque village, with whitewashed houses and dashes of colour visible in the flowers strewn throughout the streets. 

    Tourlos' main beach is an attractive sandy stretch with plenty of watersports available. It’s relatively quiet too, so very suitable for families and couples. At just 2.5 km from Mykonos Town, getting to Tourlos is no great challenge. You can take a bus from the Old Port station in the capital, or grab a taxi to get there in a matter of minutes. You can even walk to the village if you are up for the exercise. 

    Lokasi: Tourlos, 846 00, Greece



    Enjoy all the amenities at this popular beach destination

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    Psarrou attracts more than its fair share of celebrities each year with its luxurious amenities. At the peak of the high season in August, there can even be waiting lists for sunbeds and umbrellas. Luckily though, the beach isn't the only must-see in town. The area is well-serviced with a variety of restaurants covering a range of cuisines. You find plenty of cosy tavernas to enjoy a drink, too.

    Psarrou is just 4 km south of the capital, with buses leaving hourly from Fabrika station. A taxi can take you there in a matter of minutes, but if you don’t fancy arriving by road, there’s also the option of taking a water taxi from Ornos beach. 

    Lokasi: Psarrou, 846 00, Greece


    Platys Gialos

    Take in a stunning sunset over the Aegean

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    Platys Gialos is best known as a beach destination in Mykonos, given the beautiful sandy stretch of beach that plays host to a range of waterborne activities during the summer. You’ll find windsurfing, yachting, and parasailing, as well as more sedate sunbathing on the shore. Platys Gialos is more than just its beach. You’ll also find plenty of waterfront bars, cosy tavernas, food vendors, and upscale restaurants to enjoy. There are winding trails to explore, many of which lead to secluded rocky viewpoints - great places to enjoy the sun setting over the Aegean.

    Located in the south of the island, Platys Gialos is just 4 km from Mykonos Town. Buses can get a little crowded during high season, especially in July and August. The village can also be reached by foot from nearby beaches, including Paradise Beach and Paraga. 

    Lokasi: Platys Gialos, 846 00, Greece


    Agios Stefanos

    Put your feet up and chill in this quiet corner of Mykonos

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    Agios Stefanos lies in a quiet corner of Mykonos, attracting those looking for a relaxed vibe. The whitewashed buildings of the village play host to several bars and restaurants, as well as an impressive choice of accommodation near the shore.

    It offers a much more sedate nightlife than the nearby bustling capital. Limnios Tavern is a good choice for some traditional taverna-style food with great views over the bay at sunset – the lamb shank comes highly recommended. Agios Stefanos is located to the north of Mykonos Town, with buses regularly departing from the Old Port bus station. If you have a car, it’s about a 15-minute drive from the centre of Mykonos Town.

    Lokasi: Agios Stefanos, 846 00, Greece


    Agios Ioannis

    Enjoy a romantic meal in this spectacular location

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    Agios Ioannis’ best-known claim to fame is its appearance in the movie Shirley Valentine. The appeal of this gorgeous seaside location is obvious, but there's more to this destination than a stunningly cinematic beach and water-based opportunities.

    It’s a relatively quiet spot that suits families or couples looking to avoid the worst excesses of the party scene. That said, you'll be well catered for by the ample availability of accommodation and places to eat and drink. Hippie Fish, for example, is justifiably known for its delicious and fresh seafood. It’s a great spot for a romantic meal as the sun sets – book ahead during high season as tables by the beach get taken very quickly.

    Lokasi: Agios Ioannis, 846 00, Greece

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