The best things to do after dinner in Acapulco include easy strolls through quaint plazas and after-dark action in the country’s premier Pacific Coast resort. Through this list, you’ll find plenty to see and do once you’re done devouring a tasty Mexican feast.

    While the nightlife in Acapulco is on point and in some ways world-famous, there’s something to suit every age and taste. From bustling pedestrian-friendly hangouts to performing arts spectacles and boozy late-night digs, here are the top things to do in Acapulco after the sun goes down.


    Malecón de Acapulco

    The city’s main walking strip

    Malecón de Acapulco is the perfect spot to burn off those excess dinner carbs. This bustling boardwalk straddles the port and attracts scores of locals each evening, who come to snack on tacos and wax lyrical with amigos. Just looking for a photo op? San Diego Fort affords the best views.

    It might not be the prettiest Malecón in Mexico, but the strip does provide an insight into local life. Acapulcan fishermen cast lines into the ocean while pick-up games take place on its concrete basketball court. The Malecón also serves as the jumping-off point for a sightseeing cruise around Acapulco Bay (evening voyages focus more on music and booze).

    Lokasi: Av Costera Miguel Alemán, Zona Urbana 49, 39300 Acapulco de Juárez, Gro., Mexico


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    Plaza Álvarez

    Acapulco’s lively main plaza

    Plaza Álvarez is Acapulco’s zocalo or primary plaza and central hub. While the leafy square lures its fair share of visitors during the day, most folks prefer to mingle here in the cool of the night. Rows of street stalls prepare wafty snacks for passersby each evening, while live musicians belt out heartfelt tunes for tips.

    While you’re there, take a peek inside Our Lady of Solitude Cathedral, the city’s most celebrated church. This iconic Eastern Orthodox-style cathedral was initially built as part of a movie set during Acapulco’s film production heydays. These days, its bulbous domes and whitewashed walls are a sacred Catholic site.

    Lokasi: Juan Álvarez, Las Cruces, 39770 Acapulco de Juárez, Gro., Mexico


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    La Quebrada

    Watch brave divers hurtle into the sea

    La Quebrada showcases the city’s most iconic attraction: daredevil divers leaping into the ocean from its 130-ft cliffs. These bronzed, speedo-clad stuntmen perform the death-defying act throughout the day before putting on one final show just after sunset. Reserve a table at the adjacent La Perla restaurant to drink and dine with a front-row seat.

    Acapulcan divers have been plunging into these churning waters since the 1930s. Originally done to entertain the glamorous celebrity visitors of the era, the acrobatic performance has evolved into a steadfast local tradition.

    Lokasi: La Quebrada 25, Centro, 39300 Acapulco de Juárez, Gro., Mexico


    Arena Coliseo

    Acapulco’s lucha libre wrestling venue

    Arena Coliseo is the top place to watch lucha libre (Mexican wrestling) in Acapulco. The modest indoor arena hosts action-packed events where lively locals come to watch their favourite masked warriors slug it out. Expect impressive acrobatic stunts and fierce showmanship on any given night.

    Most tourists prefer to visit on an organised tour, which includes tacos at an authentic local eatery and plenty of beer to lubricate proceedings. Budget-conscious travellers can visit independently but must confirm timings and tickets in advance.

    Lokasi: Tadeo Arredondo Villanueva 7, Dominguillo, 39300 Acapulco de Juárez, Gro., Mexico

    Telepon: +52 744 482 2538


    Microteatro Acapulco

    A small theatre for low-key local productions

    Microteatro Acapulco is a cosy performance arts centre in Costa Azul, a seaside suburb to the east of downtown Acapulco. Although it’s far from extravagant, the intimate venue attracts a legion of theatre-loving fans from around the region.

    Micro performances tell a broad range of stories, from traditional Mexican tales to dramatic contemporary sagas. You’ll need strong Spanish skills to enjoy this one, as English is rarely spoken. An onsite bar gives the audience cause to socialise in-between performances.

    Lokasi: Av. Comandante Bouganville #5, Costa Azul, 39850 Acapulco de Juárez, Gro., Mexico

    Buka: Wednesday–Saturday from 6 pm to 11.45 pm (closed Sunday–Tuesday)

    Telepon: +52 744 144 2173


    Costera Street

    Acapuclo’s beach bar district

    Costera Street is Acapulco’s premier nightlife strip, the perfect place to bar hop an entire evening away. Stretching from downtown’s fishing docks to the sky rise resorts on the east end of the bay, this lively oceanfront promenade boasts a bewildering array of buzzing beach bars.

    Most of the rowdiness takes place around Condesa Beach, where booming multi-storey venues see revellers spill out onto the sand. Cheap drink specials, loud live tunes, and a happy-go-lucky vibe combine to make it the top spot to party in town.

    Lokasi: Av Costera Miguel Alemán, La Condesa, 39690 Acapulco de Juárez, Gro., Mexico


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    Forum de Mundo Imperial

    The city’s best concert and event hall

    Forum de Mundo Imperial is the place to go to catch a live show in Acapulco. This high-tech, 4,000-seater concert hall has a dazzling display of over 4 million LEDs, the largest installation of its type in Latin America. Outstanding acoustics and proximity to the stage (no seat is more than 35 ft away) make for an unforgettable show.

    A long list of well-known Latino performers has graced the stage over the years. Check the official website to see what’s on while you’re in town. As it’s located right next to the airport, you’ll need to grab a taxi there and back.

    Lokasi: Blvrd de las Naciones, Blvrd Barra Vieja &, Aeropuerto, 39931 Acapulco de Juárez, Gro., Mexico

    Telepon: +52 744 435 1795


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    The best techno club in Acapulco

    Palladium is Acapulco’s top techno party palace – it’s a brilliant spot to dance until dawn to pulsating EDM beats. Synthetic haze and flashing laser displays complement live tunes from the world’s hottest DJs. Big names like Armin Van Buren and Tiesto have played here in previous years.

    The futuristic, factory-like dance hall hosts weekly theme parties and special events. Its tiered, amphitheatre-style design includes a slew of hidden VIP boots for big spenders. On the whole, though, the joint packs out with a youthful, unpretentious crowd.

    Lokasi: Escénica s/n, Guitarron, 39880 Acapulco de Juárez, Gro., Mexico

    Buka: Friday–Saturday from 10.30 pm to 6 am

    Telepon: +52 744 446 5490

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