Angeles City is perhaps most famous for its raucous nightlife, making it effectively the Sin City of the Philippines. However, that’s not the only string to its bow. Particularly in downtown Angeles, away from the entertainment districts, you’ll find a number of extraordinary historical places to visit. Some of the older buildings have been at the crossroads of the country’s history and continue to stand the test of time.

    The Clark Freeport area of the city, around the international airport, also has its share of interesting attractions. Most notable is the tax-free shopping that gives the area its name, but you’ll also find some good golf courses and a couple of theme parks for the kids.

    What are the best things to do in Angeles City?


    Clark Museum

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    The small Clark Museum and 4D Theater has a collection of exhibits relating to the history of Metro Clark – particularly Fort Stotsenberg and the Clark Air Base. Across the 4 galleries, you’ll find artefacts, replicas, dioramas, old photos and interactive displays. They tell tales of Filipino bravery and ingenuity. The film in the 4D theatre follows the same theme. The museum is just behind the airport in the Clark Freeport Zone.

    Lokasi: E. Jacinto St, Clark Freeport, Mabalacat, Pampanga, Philippines

    Buka: Tuesday–Sunday from 9am to 3.30pm (closed on Mondays)

    Telepon: +63 (0)45 599 2832

    Harga: 200 pesos per person


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    Museo Ning Angeles

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    Built in 1922, what is now the Museo Ning Angeles was the city hall until 1999. When the city hall was moved, it was converted into a small museum. The exhibition on the ground floor shows the history and life of Angeles City, right back to the pre-colonial era.

    The upper floor focuses on the unique cuisine of the Pampanga province. You’ll be able to see dishes like battue tugak (stuffed frogs) and sisig (a mix of pig’s brains and chicken liver), as well as the specialised tools needed to prepare them. On special occasions, you’ll even be able to order and try some of these local delicacies.

    Lokasi: Santo Rosario St, Angeles, 2009 Pampanga, Philippines

    Buka: Monday–Saturday from 9am to 5pm, Sundays by appointment only

    Telepon: +63 (0)45 887 4703

    Harga: 50 pesos


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    Museum of Philippine Social History

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    The historic Pamintuan Mansion was built around 1890 by a wealthy farmer and has had a number of very notable residents since then. As of 2015, it has become the Museum of Philippine Social History. Across 9 galleries, you’ll learn about Philippine clothes, architecture, furniture, music, games, cooking and mythology.

    Perhaps the most interesting of the galleries is the first, which tells the remarkable history of the building itself. In 1898 it was the headquarters of the revolutionary army against the Americans and in 1899 it was the site of celebration of Philippine independence. It was occupied by General Arthur MacArthur in 1901 and was the home of Japanese kamikaze pilots in 1944.

    Lokasi: Santo Entiero St, Angeles, Pampanga, Philippines

    Buka: Tuesday–Sunday from 8am to 4pm

    Telepon: +63 (0)45 304 4042


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    Nayong Pilipino Clark

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    Nayong Pilipino is a kind of cultural theme park featuring replicas of historical places, houses of important leaders, and villages in the Philippines. Areas include Colonial Plaza, Hero’s Plaza, Spanish Culture, Kalinga Village, Ifugao Village, Muslim Village, museums, and more. There’s a good choice of handicraft stores throughout, making it a good spot for souvenir shopping.

    Events and exhibitions are held at the park, and it’s available for private functions. Overnight stays in cottages are even possible. The loud Filipino pop music playing throughout the park can get a little exhausting, though.

    Lokasi: Nayong Pilipino, Centennial Rd, Clark Field, Mabalacat, 2010 Pampanga, Philippines

    Buka: Daily from 8am to 5pm

    Telepon: +63 (0)45 499 3239


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    Angeles City bars and clubs

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    The throbbing and lively bar and nightclub scene is the reason many foreign visitors come to Angeles. Balibago is the main entertainment district, and the street that runs next to the former Clark Air Base, Fields Ave., is where the action is.

    There are some 100 bars along Fields Ave., and Don Juico Ave. alone. Most bars on the strip are on the seedy side, but there are some more wholesome nightlife establishments, including discos, live band clubs, resto pubs, and KTVs (video karaoke).

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