The best places to go shopping in Saint Martin generally reflect the island's fame as a holiday destination for the posh and royalty. This means you should expect plenty of high-end shopping malls that offer brands you’d likely already know and love, especially in Marigot, the island’s main town.

    If malls aren’t your thing, you’ll find cobblestoned and ocean-facing streets lined with unique, locally owned galleries and boutiques. If you have an upcoming trip and fancy a bit of shopping on the island, you’ll want to check out these excellent retail streets and complexes in Saint Martin.

    Where to shop and what to buy in Saint Martin?


    Rue de Charles de Gaulle, Marigot

    Department stores, surf shops and jewellers

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    Rue de Charles de Gaulle starts at Marigot’s Marina Port Royal on one end. The thoroughfare stretches a few blocks in the other direction before ending at the small but picturesque Park de la Collectivité.

    You can find several local clothing boutiques (for both men and women) and a surf shop. The street is mostly known for hosting one of Saint Martin’s favourite jewellers. Jewels by Love operates an outpost of its primary Philipsburg location in Marigot. It’s a great place to shop for fine timepieces and jewellery from luxury brands, such as Patek Philippe and Breguet.


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    Voorstraat (Front Street)

    Upmarket shopping street in Philipsburg

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    Voorstraat, or simply Front Street, is a busy thoroughfare in Philipsburg. The tree-lined walkway is lined with stores, hotels, museums, and restaurants. Just a short walk away, you have the beach, the Caribbean Ocean, and notable landmarks like Saint Martin of Tours Catholic Church and the Sint Maarten Museum.

    Front Street takes up just over 1.5 km, so take your time wandering and exploring. You could spend an entire morning or afternoon in this part of Sint Maarten. There are outlets of international brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger and Pandora Jewellery, as well as several shopping malls.

    Lokasi: Philipsburg, Sint Maarten


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    Sint Rose Shopping Mall

    Arcade-style shopping centre with an interesting past

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    The Sint Rose Shopping Mall sits on Philipsburg’s Front Street, making it a convenient stop when exploring this trendy thoroughfare. Locals usually call it the Sint Rose Arcade – in case you have trouble finding this complex.

    While the building used to be a hospital, it now hosts plenty of luxury outlets, galleries and fashion boutiques along tree-lined sidewalks. Cruise ship passengers often flock to this central mall for notable brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Tag Heuer, Cartier and Swarovski.

    Lokasi: Front Street 35, Philipsburg Philipsburg SX, 35 Voorstraat, Philips-burg, Sint Maarten

    Buka: Daily from 7 am to 8 pm


    Old Street

    Historic shopping area in Philipsburg

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    Old Street in Philipsburg, located right off Front Street, is tiny — stretching only 1 city block. However, it’s noteworthy for quaint, backstreet vibes and hidden gems. The speciality shops lining the stone streets occupy former homes dating back to the 1800s.

    You can find a jeweller, clothing boutique, and gift shop, as well as a small cafe serving French-inspired cuisine on Old Street. Even if you don’t buy anything here, it’s such a conveniently placed street that it’s worth a visit for the photos alone.


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    Archterstaat (Back Street)

    Skip the crowds to find great deals in Philipsburg

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    Back Street is the literal opposite of Front Street in Philipsburg. It sits just across the side of the city blocks, putting it a little further away from the beach (and cruise passengers, as a result). So, go here for smaller crowds, but stellar shopping in Saint Martin.

    You’ll find local boutiques selling an array of products, from clothes and cosmetics to sporting goods and souvenirs. Like most shopping areas in Philipsburg, jewellery stores are plentiful here. Haggling is welcomed at most businesses on Back Street.


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    Le West Indies

    Indoor Marigot mall with 3 floors of shops and restaurants

    Le West Indies in Marigot is one of the most luxurious shopping malls in Saint Martin. The indoor complex has 3 floors of shops and restaurants, with views of Fort St. Louis and the Bay of Marigot.

    You’ll find popular fashion brands such as GUESS and Ray-Ban, as well as cosmetics like L’Occitane. Foodies will want to stop by the acclaimed fine French grocery, L’Epicerie Fine de Paris. Le West Indies is on Boulevard de la République, just 500 metres southeast of Fort St. Louis.

    Lokasi: Boulevard de la République, Saint Martin 97150, St. Martin

    Buka: Monday–Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm (closed on Sundays)

    Telepon: +33 5 90 51 04 19


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    Howell-Center Mall

    Inland shopping centre in Marigot

    The Howell-Center Mall encompasses several clothing boutiques, a toy store, a Super U supermarket, and a pharmacy. Located 1.4 km northeast of Marina Fort Louis, the shopping centre is mostly geared towards those who don’t care for the luxury shops along the Marigot waterfront.

    You can find restaurants and bars within the Howell-Center Mall, many of which have outdoor seating. Standouts include La Petite Cour and Au Pain Gourmand. The shopping mall is on Médiathèque de Saint-Martin, about a 5-minute walk from Stade J. Louis Vanterpool.

    Lokasi: Médiathèque de Saint-Martin, Marigot 97150, St. Martin

    Buka: Monday–Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm, Sunday from 8 am to 12.45 pm

    Telepon: +590 590 29 54 32


    Marigot Market

    A bustling outdoor market offering local culture

    Marigot Market is a fantastic place to find not only handmade souvenirs but also local food and drinks. The bustling open-air atmosphere and waterside setting make for a laidback shopping experience in Saint Martin.

    Stop by for a little browsing (and friendly haggling) at Marigot Market, which hosts local vendors selling fresh produce, artwork, and clothes at rather affordable prices. You can fuel up with some street food, fresh juice, and even rum-based cocktails in between shopping, too.

    Lokasi: Place du Marche, Marigot 97150, St. Martin

    Buka: Monday–Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm (closed on Sundays)


    Rue de la République

    Combine shopping with sightseeing in Marigot

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    Rue de la Republique in Marigot curves around the shoreline, following the bay. The street is a good pick for shoppers who may have uninterested fellow travellers tagging along, as shopping is certainly not the only thing to be found here.

    Rue de la Republique hosts the Le West Indies Shopping Mall and stand-alone shops from recognisable brands such as Lacoste. The street also offers a good handful of restaurants and historic landmarks. A must-see is Fort St. Louis, a late-1700s ruin with panoramic views of Marigot Bay.


    Gingerbread Gallery

    Caribbean artwork in an upmarket venue

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    Gingerbread Gallery is a long-running art gallery in Marigot, the main town of Saint Martin. It has been operated by the Seitre family for over 30 years. It mainly displays traditional Haitian art in a wide range of mediums. The best part is that you'd likely find one that suits your style and price range.

    Gingerbread Gallery is on Rue Low Town, just a short walk from the Marina Port Royal. It’s an easy first stop before further exploring Marigot’s shopping scene.

    Lokasi: BP 20, Marigot, Sint Maarten

    Buka: Monday–Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm and from 5 pm to 8 pm

    Telepon: +590 590 877 321

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