This list of the best beaches in New Orleans may come as a bit of a surprise to some – the Louisiana city isn’t exactly famous for its sandy shores. In fact, the entire state is better known for its bayou than its beaches. However, the shores of Lake Pontchartrain do indeed offer some pleasant places to escape the Big Easy.

    It’s worth noting that we’re only looking at beaches immediately around New Orleans in this list. If you’re prepared to drive a little further, you’ll find famous beach resorts like Biloxi in Mississippi, Gulf Shores in Alabama, and even Pensacola in Florida. You can find out more about those in their respective Go Guides.


    Grand Isle

    Drive out of the city to hear the birds twitter

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    Grand Isle is a barrier island about a 110-mile drive south from New Orleans along a route dotted with little suburb towns and villages. The island is, of course, famous for its beaches, which generally consist of soft sands lapped by the Gulf of Mexico. It may take about 2 hours to get there, but it’s worth the drive if you’re looking for a bit of peace and quiet on the shore.

    While the beaches are certainly Grand Isle’s star attraction, there is more to the place than just its coast. The island is also great for fishing and birdwatching, thanks to its diverse range of habitats. Within a relatively short distance of each other, you’ll find salt marshes, sand dunes, dense forests of oak and hackberry trees, as well as flocks of exotic birds.

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    Lokasi: Grand Isle, LA 70358, USA


    Pontchartrain Beach

    The closest beach to the centre of New Orleans

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    Pontchartrain Beach is easily the most convenient of New Orleans’ beaches, being right by the city’s university. It’s a slightly bizarre place to visit, being right behind a business park, but it’s got white sands and is only about a 15-minute drive from the city centre.

    Formed into 4 small, 500-ft-wide coves by artificial headlands, the water here is shallow and still enough to be a very safe place for kids to swim. The New Orleans Lakefront Airport is only 1.75 miles to the east, so you can also watch the private planes coming and going as you relax and catch some rays.

    Lokasi: Lakeshore Dr, New Orleans, LA 70122, USA


    Fontainebleau State Park

    Take a nature walk down to the beach

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    Fontainebleau State Park is a 2,800-acre lakeside reserve consisting mostly of forestry and shrubs. There are several very pleasant trails to explore on foot or bicycle, with over 400 species of birds and other animals to spot along the way. Down by the lakeshore, you’ll find a couple of very pleasant beaches.

    While it’s on the other side of the lake from New Orleans, Fontainebleau Beach is an excellent choice for families visiting the city. It’s easy to access, has bathrooms very close by, is lapped by shallow waters with a soft lakebed and has lovely, soft white sand onshore. The bathroom block splits the beach in 2. It has about 250 ft of sand on one side and 1,100 ft on the other, with more trees (for shade) and rocks on the longer side.

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    Lokasi: 62883 LA-1089, Mandeville, LA 70448, USA

    Telepon: +1 985-624-4443


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    White Sands Lake Day Beach

    A floating playground an hour’s drive from New Orleans

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    White Sands Lake Day Beach is a family-friendly facility on the shores of a lake, about an hour’s drive north of New Orleans. The lake itself has a very odd shape that seems very unnatural but is spring-fed and safe. You can explore the lake on kayaks and paddleboats or play out on the water on the floating inflatable course. There are also beach volleyball facilities on land.

    If you want a rest from all that activity, you can rent a cabana with a barbecue grill or even bring your own. Please note that the beach has a strict ‘no glass’ policy, extending to food and beverage containers. If you want to bring some snacks and drinks, make sure they’re in plastic or metal containers.

    Lokasi: 52129 Sandstone Blvd, Franklinton, LA 70438, USA

    Telepon: +1 985-515-0114


    Coconut Beach

    Does it still count as a beach if it’s not by the sea?

    Coconut Beach is not technically a beach, but a manmade beach volleyball complex. However, there’s sand underfoot, a beachy sort of vibe and the waterline is about 650 yards north, in the Laketown Park – close enough. You’ll find 22 courts in the 100,000-sq-ft complex, making it the largest sand sports complex in the US.

    If you’re thinking that a sports centre that’s not even next to the water can’t be counted among the best beaches in New Orleans, you might be surprised. Organised leagues and tournaments make it a popular spot for locals and the onsite bar and grill gives it the right sort of beach atmosphere. Despite the lack of water, it genuinely is one of the city’s favourite beaches!

    Lokasi: 100 Coconut Beach Ct, Kenner, LA 70065, USA

    Buka: Monday–Saturday from 6 pm to midnight, Sunday from 6 pm to 10 pm

    Telepon: +1 504-305-4090

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