Foto utama
TV dan buku
3 kamar tidur, setrika/meja setrika, tempat tidur bayi, dan seprai linen
3 kamar tidur, setrika/meja setrika, tempat tidur bayi, dan seprai linen
TV dan buku


Seluruh apartemen


Kondominium tepi danau Xativa dengan dapur, balkon

10,0/10 Sempurna

2 ulasan terverifikasi dari tamu

Keunggulan properti

  • Parkir tersedia
  • Dapur
  • Bebas asap rokok
  • AC
  • Lemari es
  • Area lounge
Játiva, Comunidad Valenciana
Fasilitas utama
  • AC
Untuk keluarga
  • 3 kamar tidur
  • Dapur
  • Ruang makan terpisah
  • Ruang keluarga
  • TV
  • Pembuat kopi/teh
Kebersihan & Keselamatan
  • Dibersihkan dengan disinfektan
  • Seprai dan handuk dicuci pada suhu 60°C

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Mengenai area ini


  • Stasiun Xàtiva - 2 mnt berjalan kaki
  • Stasiun Ontinyent - 21 mnt berkendara
  • Stasiun Albaida - 29 mnt berkendara

Tentang properti ini

Seluruh tempat

Anda akan memiliki seluruh apartemen untuk diri Anda sendiri dan hanya akan berbagi dengan tamu lain dalam rombongan Anda.


It is a complete apartment available to guests, with three large bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet, fully furnished, air conditioning in the living room and master bedroom
The kitchen has a fridge, electric oven and microwave, as well as enough furniture for the guests.
They also have a washing machine and iron.
They have a high chair in case one of our guests is a baby. Also, they can request a travel cot.
Pets are not allowed
Apartment registered in the Territorial Tourism Service with registration number VT-46643-V

The apartment has an elevator and the hallway of the property has a ramp suitable for the disabled

The hosts live in the same city, as well as their two daughters. In case of need, we would always find the fastest way to serve you. We can serve you in English as well.
Public parking 50 meters away, next to the train station.
Free parking of the owner in the city, but away from the apartment; Ideal if your stay will not depend on your vehicle.

We could say that Xàtiva has been expanding on its west side. An imaginary line would split the city in two halves; the southern half would be the old town; the northern half, starting from Alameda Jaume I (where the town hall is located) would be the new zone, where the shops are located. There is also an expansion, produced from the second millennium, west of the city, where we could say that it is more about bedroom apartments.

Our apartment is located in the new area, which, in our opinion, is the best. It is very close to Alameda Jaume I (main avenue), the shops, the train, and also about 10 minutes from the tapas area in the old town. They have a "Mercadona" establishment 100 meters away, and a health center, with a 24-hour emergency service. 300 meters.

They can be in 7 minutes in the cinema of the commercial center or in the polygon, in any of its stores.

As for tapas, the ideal area is the Plaza del Mercado and surroundings. On Fridays and Saturdays it is full of people.

If you want to go to the cinema, you must go to the mall that is on the outskirts of the city, on the northern part, called "Plaza Mayor". There you will also find restaurants and commercial stores. It is located in a polygon where there are also other large businesses such as Mercadona, Family Cash (gigantic), Kiwoko, Worten, Aki, Maxcolchon, Aldy, Decatlon, etc.

As for the festivities, the main festivities of the town are from August 15 to 20, La Fira d'Agost. You will find attractions, street vendors, outdoor theater and children's entertainment. In September, every week they celebrate their parties, one by one, the neighborhoods of the old town. In December we set up the largest Bethlehem in Spain, in the Alameda Jaume I, which can be visited free of charge inside, and there are also many attractions for children and adults. In March, the Fallas

If you prefer hiking, there are numerous routes that can be found by searching in any web browser. There are also many beautiful villages around us, if you want to do a rural tourism.

On the other hand, if you feel like a beach, you can access the wonderful beaches of our Mediterranean coast in a short space of time.

Xàtiva has a train to Valencia very regularly. They usually have a frequency of about 20 minutes. It also connects with Alicante and Murcia. We have trains that stop in our city, at high speed, to Madrid and to Barcelona.

In 35 minutes you can reach the entrance of Valencia by car. If you prefer a beach, you can reach Tavernes, Cullera or Gandia in about 35/45 minutes.

Xàtiva has the charm of being considered a city (and having the facilities that this entails), but also having a small number of residents and a beautiful old town, which makes, in turn, transmit the charm of a town .
The first human settlement of this city takes us to the year 127,000 BC, knowledge that we acquired through the archaeological explorations carried out in the so-called "Black Cova". It was a Roman city and on the Via Augusta, between Cádiz and Rome. Of course, it was also part of the Muslim domination, of which there are vestiges of a palace on the side of the mountain that leads to the castle of the city. Yes, Xàtiva has a beautiful castle, the result of different reconstructions during the periods of its extensive history. The history of this one begins with the Iberian constructions (300 ac), happening through Roman, Arab, and later modifications, after the conquest of Jaume I in Century XIII and also during Century XX. To climb the castle, we recommend the use of the urban train (only for this purpose), whose base is in "La fuente del León", very close to the town hall. If you want to go on foot, to enjoy the wonderful views, remains and hermitages of the mountainside, we recommend good footwear, since many citizens use this route as their daily sports training.
On the slope of this mountain there is one of the oldest churches of the ancient Kingdom of Valencia, "Sant Feliu" dated in 1265 (with an atrium of columns different from each other, from ancient Roman buildings); the Bellveret viewpoint, the remains of the already named Arab palace; the hermitage of Sant Josep (XVIII-XIX); an old refrigerator excavated in rock (XVII-XVIII); the Cova dels Coloms (with an altar and a virgin, where pilgrimages are made)
Xàtiva also has the peculiarity of being the cradle mother of two Christian Popes, both of the same family: Calixto III and his nephew, Alejandro VI. His house is in the Alexander VI plaza, although it can not be visited inside.
In 1591 he saw the birth of the enormous and world-renowned artist of the Baroque genre, the painter José de Ribera, known as El Españoleto (Lo Spagnoletto).

Praktik kebersihan dan keselamatan

Tindakan kebersihan yang ditingkatkan

Disinfektan digunakan untuk membersihkan properti
Permukaan yang sering disentuh dibersihkan dan permukaan yang sering disentuh dibersihkan dengan disinfektan di antara masa menginap
Seprai dan handuk dicuci dengan temperatur setidaknya 60°C/140°F dicuci dengan temperatur 60°C/140°F atau lebih panas
Mengikuti prakti kebersihan dan disinfeksi regional Safe Tourism Certified (Spanyol)
Mengikuti praktik kebersihan dan disinfeksi industri Panduan COVID-19 (CDC)
Informasi ini disediakan oleh mitra kami.


Saat tiba/pulang

  • Waktu check-in mulai pada 14.00
  • Usia check-in minimal - 18
  • Waktu check-out adalah 11.00

Pembatasan terkait perjalanan Anda

  • Lihat pembatasan COVID-19.

Petunjuk check-in khusus

  • Anda akan menerima email dari tuan rumah berisi petunjuk check-in dan check-out

Diperlukan saat check-in

  • Kartu identitas berfoto yang diterbitkan pemerintah diperlukan
  • Usia minimal tamu adalah 13 tahun
  • Usia minimal untuk check-in adalah 18 tahun

Hewan peliharaan

  • Hewan peliharaan tidak diperkenankan

Fasilitas properti

Ramah keluarga

  • Kursi makan untuk bayi
  • Tempat tidur bayi
  • Kunci lemari


  • Kulkas
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Pemanggang roti
  • Rempah-rempah
  • Peralatan masak/ perabot/ perkakas
  • Pembuat kopi/teh
  • Tisu


  • Meja makan

Kamar Tidur

  • 3 kamar tidur
  • Seprai linen disediakan

Kamar Mandi

  • 2 kamar mandi
  • Shower
  • Sampo
  • Bidet
  • Sabun
  • Pengering rambut
  • Tisu toilet
  • Disediakan handuk

Area huni

  • Ruang bersantap
  • Ruang huni


  • TV
  • Buku

Area luar ruangan

  • Balkon


  • Mesin cuci
  • Dekat dari penatu


  • AC

Hewan Peliharaan

  • Hewan peliharaan tidak diperkenankan masuk


  • Jika Anda memiliki permintaan untuk fasilitas difabel tertentu, silakan hubungi pihak properti menggunakan informasi yang terdapat pada konfirmasi reservasi yang diterima setelah pemesanan.
  • Lift
  • Dapat dilewati kursi roda
  • Bebas rokok

Layanan dan kemudahan

  • Setrika/meja setrika

Keunggulan lokasi

  • Dekat laut
  • Dekat pantai
  • Di danau
  • Di sungai
  • Di pusat kota
  • Dekat rumah sakit

Aktivitas menarik

  • Dekat dengan tempat eco-tour

Fitur keamanan

  • Pendeteksi karbon monoksida
  • P3K
  • Pendeteksi asap


  • Malam 6
  • Ukuran unit: 1421 kaki persegi (132 meter persegi)

Biaya & kebijakan

Higiene & kebersihan

Properti ini menegaskan bahwa tindakan pembersihan lanjutan saat ini dilakukan.

Disinfektan digunakan untuk membersihkan properti; permukaan yang sering disentuh dibersihkan dengan disinfektan di antara masa menginap; seprai dan handuk dicuci dengan temperatur setidaknya 60°C/140°F.

Properti ini menegaskan bahwa mereka mengikuti praktik kebersihan dan disinfeksi dari panduan Safe Tourism Certified (Spanyol).

Properti ini menegaskan bahwa mereka praktik kebersihan dan disinfeksi dari Panduan COVID-19 (CDC).


Properti ini dikelola oleh tuan rumah pribadi (pihak yang tidak bertindak atas perdagangan, bisnis, atau profesinya).

Dilarang mengadakan pesta atau acara rombongan di lokasi ini.

Tamu dapat merasa tenang dengan adanya pendeteksi karbon monoksida, pendeteksi asap, dan P3K di tempat ini.

Properti ini menerima kartu kredit.

Transaksi tunai di properti ini tidak dapat melebihi EUR 1000 karena peraturan nasional. Untuk penjelasan lebih lanjut, hubungi properti dengan menggunakan informasi yang ada pada konfirmasi pemesanan.

Property Registration Number VT-46643-V

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