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Namhae Momototo Pension

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1 kamar tidur dan Wi-Fi gratis
Kamar Basic, 1 kamar tidur (201HO (Ocean View,Pet)) | 1 kamar tidur dan Wi-Fi gratis
Kamar Basic, 1 kamar tidur (101HO(Pet)) | 1 kamar tidur dan Wi-Fi gratis
Kamar Basic, 1 kamar tidur (203HO(Pet)) | 1 kamar tidur dan Wi-Fi gratis
1 kamar tidur dan Wi-Fi gratis

Ringkasan Namhae Momototo Pension

Namhae Momototo Pension

Properti bintang 3.0
Wisma tepi pantai Namhae dengan kolam renang outdoor

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Keunggulan properti

  • Parkir gratis
  • Kolam Renang
  • Wi-Fi gratis
  • Ramah hewan peliharaan
  • Dapur
  • Lemari es
240-6, Nammyeon-ro, Nam-myeon,, Namhae-gun, Namhae, South Gyeongsang, 52436

Opsi kamar

Mengenai area ini

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Tentang properti ini

Namhae Momototo Pension

The room price is the amount for the standard number of people, and an additional fee will be incurred if the number of people exceeds the standard number of people Please check the number of reservations when you make a reservation
If you use it on the same day after making a reservation on the same day, if you enter after 10 p.m., it is not a confirmed reservation, so please inquire about the availability of it before purchasing

After 15:00,
Before the check-out time of 10:30
If you enter after 22:00, you must contact the pension in advance

On-site payment based on 1 night if additional people are added
20,000 won for an infant and an adult
Included in the number of infants
Exceeding the maximum number of people in all rooms is not allowed
On-site inquiry when adding more people

Please make a reservation by writing down the actual contact information that you can contact when you use the overseas channel Agodiskedia
The maximum number of days to use the room is 3 nightsPlease refer to it when you make a reservation

Additional charge information On-site payment based on 1 night
For two people only, if you make a reservation for two people, only one queen bed and one blanket for two people are set
If you want to use both beds, an additional fee of 20,000 won will be charged
Beddings for 2 or more people are prepared based on the size of Queen Bed for 2 people. Set up 2 Queen Bed for 4 people
We don't give you a refund for the number of people, so if you add a blanket, an additional fee of 11,000 won is incurred, so only blankets are available

Room information
No smoking in all rooms and buildings
Claim for compensation in the event of a problem with a stain fire caused by smoking in the pension building
2 Do not bring or use personal burners in the room
3 Cooking Smelly in the Room Spicy Fish Stew Meat Sausage Stew, Fried Food, etc. Do not allowed
4 Do not wipe kitchen food with a towel in the room
Please let me know if there is any contamination of beddingText transmission request
6 In the event of damage to the toilet cover due to smoking in the bathroom in the room, a cover replacement fee of KRW 87500 will be charged
7 Please throw away the cigarette butts in the furnace Don't drag it on the rooftop
8 Non-building burdensome pears must be separated and collected in the jar trash can
Room users on the 2nd floor must throw garbage into the trash can and recycling bin under the stairs on the 1st floor before leaving the room
9 Additional cost of 40,000 won for contamination of bedding due to dog urine
10 Implementation of legal measures for smoking exposure in the room

On-site payment based on 1 night with dog
All rooms can be accompanied
Additional charge 10,000 won per animal
Companion Dog Species Pometvichon Poodle Malti Fushu Nauzer Chuchchihuahwa
KG 10kg or less
Up to two dogs per room, two dog supply toilet pads, two toilet plates, and only two cushions are provided
When accompanying a dog, contact the site of the dog breed kg maritsu in advance or write it in the request column
All other dog products, dog towels, etc. must be checked in person
During the fur change period, it is impossible to enter the room together, so you will be charged a cleaning fee when cleaning is delayed
Large and medium-sized dogs are not allowed to enter the room together
I'm a specialist at a pension company with a pet
Make sure to collect defecation when taking a walk inside the pension and outside the rooftop pension
Additional cost of 40,000 won for bedding contamination due to dog urine

Barbecue location
First floor, the table in front of the swimming pool
2nd floor customer, 2nd floor rooftop barbecue
If you don't use the barbecue on the 2nd floor, you can use the rooftop barbecue
Barbecue Guidelines
Pre-application 1 hour before preparation time
From 17:00 to 22:00,
Charging KRW 20,000 Disposable charcoal grilling net
Basic seasoning salt oil sauce ssamjang, etc. must be used individually
Can't bring charcoal grill
Not available in rainy and winter time
When using the rooftop, please use plastic plates in the room as much as possible
Please be careful not to break cups
If it breaks, the risk of debris causes the cost of replacing the artificial grass part

an outdoor swimming pool
20 m wide 3 m long water height 110 cm
22 years of operation terminated
Not equipped with tubes and child and dog life jackets
Hours of use until 22:00 after entering the room
Lee Yong-bok, Swimming, Mask, T-shirt

Supplementary facilities
1WIFI available for all rooms
two parking lots
One parking available in each room
If more than two cars come, contact us in advance before visiting
a three-mart convenience store
7-Eleven Namhae Point Vehicle 3 minutes
Hanaro Mart Southeast Sea Nonghyup Nam-myeon Branch Vehicle 3 minutes
Wolpo Beach Vehicle 3 minutes
3 minutes by car at Dugok Beach
Mongdol Beach is also available. From the road under the pension, go down the stairs next to the bus stop 20 meters on the right and 30 meters on the left
Seokbamryeom Sea Vehicle 1 minute


Ukuran hotel

  • Wisma 5

Saat tiba/pulang

  • Waktu check-in dari 15.00 - 22.00
  • Usia check-in minimal - 19
  • Waktu check-out adalah 10.30

Pembatasan terkait perjalanan Anda

  • Lihat pembatasan COVID-19.

Petunjuk check-in khusus

  • Properti ini tidak memiliki resepsionis
  • Tamu harus menghubungi properti untuk informasi check-in
  • Properti ini tidak bisa melayani check-in pada larut malam
  • Harap hubungi properti sebelumnya untuk mengatur prosedur check-in Anda
  • Harap hubungi properti sebelumnya jika Anda berencana akan tiba setelah jam 22.00

Diperlukan saat check-in

  • Kartu kredit, kartu debit, deposit tunai diperlukan untuk biaya tak terduga
  • Kartu identitas berfoto yang diterbitkan pemerintah diperlukan
  • Usia minimal untuk check-in adalah 19 tahun

Hewan peliharaan

  • Hewan peliharaan diizinkan


  • Gratis Wi-Fi di kamar


  • Parkir mandiri gratis di properti

Informasi lainnya

  • Area khusus merokok

Fasilitas properti

Makanan dan minuman

  • Pemanggang barbekyu


  • Di pantai


  • Kolam renang outdoor

Amenitas kamar


  • Televisi LCD


  • Kamar mandi pribadi
  • Bathtub atau shower
  • Disediakan handuk

Tetap terhubung

  • Akses Internet nirkabel gratis

Makanan dan minuman

  • Kulkas
  • Dapur

Biaya & kebijakan


Properti ini hanya menerima uang tunai.

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Namhae Momototo Pension Namhae
Namhae Momototo Pension Pension
Namhae Momototo Pension Pension Namhae

Pertanyaan umum

Apakah Namhae Momototo Pension memiliki kolam renang?
Ya, ada kolam renang outdoor.
Apakah Namhae Momototo Pension mengizinkan hewan peliharaan?
Ya, hewan peliharaan diizinkan.
Apakah parkir di properti ditawarkan Namhae Momototo Pension?
Ya, tersedia parkir parkir mandiri gratis.
Kapan waktu check-in dan check-out di Namhae Momototo Pension?
Anda dapat check-in mulai pukul 15.00 - 22.00. Check-out dilakukan pada 10.30.
Apa saja yang dapat dilakukan di Namhae Momototo Pension dan sekitarnya?
Namhae Momototo Pension memiliki kolam renang outdoor.
Apakah ada restoran di dekat Namhae Momototo Pension?
Ya. Restoran di sekitarnya antara lain Haenyeo Fish Restaurant (6,6 km), 금산횟집 (10,1 km, dan 원천횟집 (10,2 km).
Apakah Namhae Momototo Pension memiliki ruang khusus dengan dapur atau dapur kecil?
Ya, dapur tersedia di setiap kamar, yang juga dilengkapi dengan kulkas.

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