Uttarkhand, India

Hotel Ramah hewan peliharaan di Uttarkhand


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Hotel Ramah hewan peliharaan di Rishikesh

  • goSTOPS Rishikesh Lakshman Jhula

    goSTOPS Rishikesh Lakshman Jhula

    2.5 bintang

    6,8 kilometer ke pusat kota

    goSTOPS Rishikesh Lakshman Jhula
  • Maa Ganga Guest House

    Maa Ganga Guest House

    1.5 bintang

    7 kilometer ke pusat kota

    Skor dari tamu7,4.Bagus3 ulasan tamu Hotels.com
    Maa Ganga Guest House
  • UbEx Home Rishikesh

    UbEx Home Rishikesh

    2 bintang

    6,9 kilometer ke pusat kota

    Skor dari tamu10,0.Sempurna3 ulasan tamu Hotels.com
    UbEx Home Rishikesh
  • Hotel City Ganga by Rudra Palace

    Hotel City Ganga by Rudra Palace

    3 bintang

    6,4 kilometer ke pusat kota

    Skor dari tamu2,0.Buruk1 ulasan tamu Hotels.com
    Hotel City Ganga by Rudra Palace
  • WildHawk Adventures

    WildHawk Adventures

    2.5 bintang

    10,4 kilometer ke pusat kota

    Skor dari tamu2,0.Buruk1 ulasan tamu Hotels.com
    WildHawk Adventures

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What are Pet-Friendly Hotels?

Pet-friendly hotels cater for people who wish to travel with their dog, cat or other pets. As many people, especially when traveling in their own country, do not want to pay for expensive kennels or catteries, or simply enjoy the companionship of their pets, it is now common for hotels to accommodate this demand. Pet-friendly hotels will allow you to bring your animals in the rooms with you, often for a fee. Many hotels will go further and offer a genuinely warm welcome to four-legged friends, and provide bedding, water and food.

Where can I find the best deals on Pet-Friendly Hotels?

Pet-friendly hotels are just as likely to be found in rural or urban areas, although a hotel with room to roam will always be more appealing to a dog-owner. Pet lovers are most likely to welcome four-legged guests, so if you're looking for a hotel that will offer a warm welcome to your furry companion the best options will often be found in countries with a culture of pet ownership. This includes North America, some South American countries and most of Europe. Cities such as Paris and New York will have hotels will not just welcome pets but pamper them as well.

Why should I choose a Pet-Friendly Hotel?

Going on holiday or getting away for a short break with a pet can be difficult and expensive. On the other hand most dog owners will want to take their 4-legged friends and allow them to share the experience of somewhere new. The answer is to choose a hotel that allows a pet to stay with you. If it's a hotel that makes fuss of your pet, then the experience is even better. Like travelling with young children, if your pet is happy and content then it is far easier for you to relax and enjoy yourself.

How much do Pet-Friendly Hotels typically cost?

Aside from any surcharge added for a pet to stay, the cost of a pet-friendly hotel is much the same as any other hotel. Taking a pet may preclude the budget options as cheaper hotels will often lack the space to accommodate a dog or cat, and there is generally less choice as not all hotels are pet-friendly. Some hotels, including certain chains, offer free pet stays, but a typical surcharge in US hotels is around $25 per pet per night. High-end hotels may offer optional add-ons such as dog-walking, grooming or pet meals.

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