The floating gardens of Xochimilco thrive lusciously in Mexico City, heavily supporting the agriculture of the area with the cultivation of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Despite being located near a big city, the floating gardens are more of a small town, named for “where the flowers grow.”

    Branch and reed rafts were crafted together with mud from the lake to send out necessary goods and then shipped down the canal to Tenochtitlan, which eventually became Mexico City. The miles and miles of waterways running through the city make the floating gardens of Xochimilco a main attraction comparable to the majesty of Venice in Italy.

    Floating Gardens of Xochimilco in Mexico City - one of the highlights of 11 Best Family Things to Do in Mexico City and 11 Best Things to Do in Mexico City (Read all about Mexico City here)

    A brief history of the floating gardens of Xochimilco in Mexico City

    Formerly a pre-Columbian town, the Xochimilco people settled into the region around the 9th century, but they needed to create a new method for farming because the area was primarily lakes and wetlands. On small, rectangular plots of fertile land, they invented “chinampas,” rafts that were made of materials that could float on the water to grow crops and flowers on shallow lake beds.

    These rafts became embedded in the lake and transformed into human-made islands, forming the basis for the canals that the floating gardens of Xochimilco are known for and still use to farm today.

    What else is good to know about the floating gardens of Xochimilco in Mexico City?

    Not only can you glide along the waterways for a refreshing, relaxing time on a trajinera boat ride, but you can also venture through local markets and museums. Many kinds of vendors await your arrival, with all kinds of wares to suit a variety of tastes. On weekends and during tourist peak seasons, the canals are generally more crowded.

    Some waterway tours on the floating gardens of Xochimilco offer special perks such as local music with a mariachi band or uniquely designed boats. Search online before your visit to find the best, most affordable options for you and your family.

    Floating Gardens of Xochimilco in Mexico City

    Lokasi: Laguna del Toro, San Juan, Xochimilco, 16038 Mexico City, Mexico

    Buka: Daily from 8 am to 9.30 pm

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