Antigua and Barbuda offer a unique vacation experience where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic, complete with lush rainforests, luxurious resorts, picturesque reef beaches, and historic points of interest. Here, you can go snorkelling and scuba diving among the colourful, vibrant life of a living barrier reef. You can head for the Shirley Heights Lookout, a restored military lookout and battery that's legendary for its weekly parties. You'll be immersed in history among the shops, galleries, and museums of historic Nelson's Dockyard. If you want to just kick back, you can head for Ffryes Beach with its chill beach bar.

These islands offer shopping, dining, museums, history, outdoor adventure, and excitement galore. Whatever type of vacation you're looking for, you can plan an exciting itinerary. From relaxing on white-sand beaches to watching sea turtles on Long Island to dancing the night away, you're sure to make lasting memories here.

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  • Barbuda

    Barbuda, together with Antigua, is a tropical island that makes up the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda. The relatively quiet island is about 161 sq km, with pink and white beaches lining its 27-km-long coast. Popular spots for sunbathing and swimming include Princess Diana Beach, Coco Point, and Pink Sand Beach. Best of all, there’s a high chance you...

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  • Antigua

    Antigua is a low-lying island between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. At 280 sq km, it’s the largest of the Leeward Islands. Sunseekers often make their way to its white and pink beaches, with locals claiming there are 365 stretches to enjoy on the island - 1 for each day of the year. Standouts include the crescent-shaped Half...

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  • 10 Best Towns and Resorts in Antigua and Barbuda

    Towns and resorts in Antigua and Barbuda offer a tropical paradise with warm winds, gorgeous beaches, and plenty of visitor-friendly attractions like shopping, dining, and historic sites to explore. You can explore fully developed towns with great restaurants and independent shops lining quaint walkable corridors. You can head for pristine beaches with pink sands. You can get pampered at luxurious,...

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