Marselisborg Deer Park (Marselisborg Dyrehave) is located in the northern part of the Marselisborg Forests and offers peaceful, natural surroundings with rich fauna. Here, you can find fallow deer, sika deer and wild boar, which you can visit year-round on the grassy landscape.

    It's possible to get very close to the stags, but do keep in mind that these are wild animals. They may strike with their antlers or bite – especially during rut and calving season – so be careful when you approach. Spend a nice afternoon in the hilly landscape south of Aarhus, and bring a picnic basket along to enjoy in the beautiful surroundings.

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    Highlights of Marselisborg Deer Park

    At Marselisborg Deer Park, you can encounter fallow and sika deer, which walk about freely, hoping for a carrot or an apple from visitors. Did you know that the sika deer come from east Asia and were introduced to Denmark in the 20th century? Within the enclosure, you will also see wild boars. However, you may not feed them.

    The Deer Park is open the whole year and is worth visiting in both summer and winter. It's a great place for the whole family. During the summer, the forest with its green trees is in full bloom, while during winter, you may be lucky enough to go sledging down snow-clad hills.

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    Good to know about Marselisborg Deer Park

    The Deer Park has a hilly landscape, which is great for hikes and has a lovely view. At the lookout point Udsigten, you can look out over the Bay of Aarhus towards Mols. Just 10 minutes' walk from there, you'll find the Infinite Bridge, with a view of the Bay of Aarhus. The Deer Park is located in a beautiful area, so make sure to explore the rest of the Marselisborg Forests or the numerous beaches nearby.

    Aarhus C, which has good parking options, is only a 10-minute drive away. You can also take the bus, which stops at Kongevejen. The walk from here is around 10 minutes. By bike you can take the beautiful route along Tangkrogen.

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    Marselisborg Deer Park (Marselisborg Dyrehave) in Aarhus

    Lokasi: Ørneredevej 6, 8270 Højbjerg, Denmark

    Buka: Every day from 8 am to 8 pm

    Telepon: +45 41 85 95 85

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