Argentina is famed for its passion and beauty, stretching through the southern half of South America. The sheer size of the country means you can sunbathe or ski, hike over glaciers or through vineyards practically year-round. 

    The capital of Buenos Aires is a cultural hotspot and resonates with a friendly vibrancy. The smell of grilled beef hangs in the air, and crowds of friends can be heard cheering for their football team from houses and bars throughout the city. To see nature at its most exceptional, consider a trip to Parque Nacional Los Glaciares or the iconic Iguazú Falls on the border with Brazil. 

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    • In Buenos Aires, immigrants from Italy and Spain are often credited with originating the tango, which began appearing in dances at Teatro Opera, the local theater, as early as 1902. Today, if you’d like to tango your way through Argentina, visit during August when the two-week long Buenos Aires Tango Festival & World Championship is held each year. You’ll enjoy...

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    • 10 Dishes You Must Eat in Buenos Aires

      The diet in Buenos Aires is very meat-heavy, especially beef! The country is well known for its steak, and this will no doubt be high on the list of most visitors come meal-times. But that’s not all you can munch on in Buenos Aires. Thanks to waves of immigration from the Mediterranean, you will find dishes inspired by...

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