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Hotel kebun/pabrik anggur di Los Angeles

Hotel kebun/pabrik anggur di Seattle

  • Willows Lodge

    Willows Lodge

    4 bintang

    West Ridge19,5 kilometer ke pusat kota

    Skor dari tamu9,6.Sempurna351 ulasan tamu
    Willows Lodge
  • Aunt Louise's Secret

    Aunt Louise's Secret

    2.5 bintang

    Leota24 kilometer ke pusat kota

    Aunt Louise's Secret

Hotel kebun/pabrik anggur di San Diego

  • Vineyard Hacienda

    Vineyard Hacienda

    3.5 bintang

    Mount Helix23 kilometer ke pusat kota

    Skor dari tamu9,0.Hebat118 ulasan tamu
    Vineyard Hacienda
  • Hotel La Mesa

    Hotel La Mesa

    3.5 bintang

    Otay Mesa28,2 kilometer ke pusat kota

    Skor dari tamu7,4.Bagus258 ulasan tamu
    Hotel La Mesa

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What are Winery Hotels?

Winery hotels are for wine lovers who want to savour cool, crisp whites or deep, vibrant reds while they relax in a hotel. Most winery hotels have their own vineyard or are close to one. They are located in wine-producing regions around the world and range from opulent chateaus and boutique hotels to cozy inns. Many of them have pools, spas and other high-end amenities. Winery hotels will typically offer free vineyard tours and wine tasting, and some are focused on gastronomy and have gourmet restaurants, offering imaginative menus where each course is paired with a local wine.

Where can I find the best deals on Winery Hotels?

Winery hotels are found in rural areas near vineyards and mountain ranges, as well as close to renowned wine-producing urban areas such as Cape Town and Sydney. You can get good value winery hotels in France, Italy and Spain by traveling outside July and August. Hotel rates come down significantly in Napa Valley in California from October to May when you can spend chilly evenings in front of the fireplace. You’ll also find affordable winery hotels outside Cape Town in South Africa and in vineyards throughout South America, Australia and New Zealand, particularly if you travel outside the local holiday season.

Why should I choose a Winery Hotel?

There are several advantages to staying in a winery hotel. You’re likely to enjoy spectacular views of some of the most picturesque parts of the world deep in the valleys or perched on vine-clad slopes. Many have their own country estates and gardens which guests can explore. Winery hotels often offer good restaurants with fine dining, convivial dinners or down-to-earth, locally-produced food. Most importantly, winery hotels allow you to taste high quality wines for less than you would pay normally, so you get good value as well as expert advice on some of the best wines in the world.

How much do Winery Hotels typically cost?

In the Napa Valley in California you can go for a luxury winery hotel with a pool, spa and gourmet restaurant for about $370 a night in high season. You’ll also find B&Bs and inns for $100 to $150. Hotel rates can fall by over half in the off-season. You’ll find an historic chateau near Bordeaux for 305 EUR per night, or you can stay in a rustic B&B in the same region for 70 EUR. In urban areas like Cape Town a room in a luxury resort can cost 10,200 ZAR, while a simple inn costs around 1,000 ZAR.

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