As the fourth-largest airport in Denmark, Aarhus Airport mostly handles charter trips to the sunny south as well as shorter trips to a handful of European cities. There are daily flights between Aarhus and Copenhagen, often for the benefit of commuters and business travellers. There are also several good routes that can take you from this small airport in Djursland to exciting holiday destinations in northern Europe.

    For instance, you will find direct flights to London, Stockholm and Oslo, ensuring that shopping and cultural experiences are just within reach. There are plans for opening several more routes in the near future, which will establish an even better connection between eastern Jutland and the rest of the world. You can also find several charter trips from Aarhus Airport to sunny destinations like Cyprus, Spain and Greece, tempting travellers with their fantastic beaches, wonderful holiday atmosphere and exotic drinks – all just a few hours' flight from Aarhus.

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    Highlights of Aarhus Airport  

    When you are in east Jutland, the other major airports in Aalborg and Billund are far away, so it's easier and more convenient to travel from Aarhus Airport. Despite its modest size, the airport has all the necessary basic facilities that you would expect. Among other things, you will find eateries where you can grab something to eat or drink before departure, and there is free Wi-Fi, so you can check your Instagram one last time before boarding.   

    If you arrive at the airport by car, you will find good parking options with over 1,500 parking spaces and modern payment options, which ensure a good experience before and after your trip. Due to the modest size of the airport, there are no long queues at check-in or security, so you won't need to show up several hours in advance.  

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    History of Aarhus Airport  

    Very few people know that Aarhus Airport was founded by the Germans in 1943 during World War II as a military airbase. It was later converted to a commercial airport. 

    Aarhus Airport has been expanded and modernised several times. With the increase in the number of passengers and routes, there have also been frequent discussions on moving the airport closer to Aarhus. However, in 2016, it was finally decided that Aarhus Airport should stay where it is, and instead, investment should be made in improving the existing airport. Therefore, travelling from Aarhus Airport may be even more attractive in the future, as Aarhus Municipality is going to great lengths to expand and add more facilities. 

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    Good to know about Aarhus Airport  

    Despite the name, Aarhus Airport is in Tirstrup, about 28 miles from the centre of Aarhus. However, it is easy to reach since the trip only takes about half an hour by car or just under an hour by bus, which departs from Banegårdspladsen in the centre. The schedule of the airport buses is based on the departure times of the flights, so you can easily leave the car at home and use public transport. 

    Aarhus Airport has also implemented the initiative called the Sunflower String (Solsikkesnoren), which is aimed at passengers with an invisible disability or disease that requires special consideration or attention. If you or a co-passenger need the string, it can easily be obtained from the airport's Passenger Service upon arrival.  

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    Aarhus Airport

    Lokasi: Ny Lufthavnsvej 24, 8560 Kolind, Denmark

    Buka: From an hour and a half before the first departure to a half hour after the last arrival

    Telepon: +45 87 75 70 00

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