When you visit Marselisborg Palace, you can't help but be moved by the gorgeous view of the green trees in the Marselisborg Forests and the alluring sea in the Bay of Aarhus, which inspired the beautiful external decor of the palace. See if you can spot the numerous sea-inspired motifs, such as sea gulls, sea shells and fish. The palace is surrounded by the most beautiful park, which was designed in English style, with an impressive rose garden, unique works of art and ponds.

    Marselisborg Palace is the royal family's summer and Christmas residence in the capital of Jutland. The palace was built between 1899 and 1902 as the 'people's wedding gift' to King Christian X and queen Alexandrine. They were the first to use the palace as a summer residence, thus starting a long tradition. Marselisborg Palace is called the people's gift since its construction was financed by volunteers and the land was gifted by Aarhus Municipality. This was done in order to strengthen the ties between the royal family and Jutland.

    Marselisborg Palace (Marselisborg Slot) in Aarhus - one of the highlights of 10 Most Instagrammable Places in Aarhus (Read all about Aarhus here)

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    Highlights of Marselisborg Palace

    The Palace Park (Slotsparken) around Marselisborg Palace is open to visitors when the queen or other members of the royal family are not staying at the palace. The park invites you to take peaceful strolls in beautiful surroundings. For example, visit The Queen's Rose Garden (Dronningens Rosenhave), where around 500 different roses have been planted, or relax for a moment by one of the charming ponds. You can also go on a cultural exploration and check out the numerous sculptures at the Palace Park, which are a testimony to the royal family's love of art.

    When H.M. the Queen is staying at Marselisborg Palace, the area around the palace is closed to the public, and you therefore can't go further than the famous Rosenport, which is guarded by the Royal Life Guards. However, every day at 12:00 pm, you can watch the iconic life guards, with their big bearskin hats, perform the changing of the guard.

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    History of Marselisborg Palace

    In 1661, a debt-ridden Frederik III was mulling over how he could repay his creditors. This resulted in the sale of some of his crown lands in Jutland to the Dutch businessman Marselis, which included Havreballegård, later known as Marselisborg. The Marselisborg family were, however, unable to remain on the land, and after 200 years with different owners, Aarhus City Council took over the property and its lands. After several fires at the original property, it was finally decided to break up the land.

    In connection with Christian X's and Alexandrine's engagement, Aarhus City Council made part of the Marselisborg lands available for the establishment of a summer palace for the future royal couple, and between 1899 and 1902, the current Marselisborg Palace and its garden were built. After the death of Queen Alexandrine in 1952, the palace fell to Frederik IX, who passed it on to his heir to the throne, Princess Margrethe and Prince Henrik.

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    Good to know about Marselisborg Palace

    Marselisborg Palace is on Kongevejen 100 in the southern part of Aarhus, right next to the Memorial Park (Mindeparken). This park was established to ensure that no houses would be built that could risk disrupting the view from the palace. Several different buses can be taken from Aarhus Central Station, which will leave you more or less close to the palace. If the Danish weather permits, you can also rent a bike and cycle along the coast and into the forest, until you reach Rosenporten.

    Before you leave, it may be a good idea to check if the royal family is staying at the palace. If the queen is indeed at Marselisborg Palace, the beautiful Palace Park will be closed to visitors. On the other hand, if the royal family is not there, you won't be able to see the changing of the Royal Life Guards.

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    Marselisborg Palace (Marselisborg Slot) in Aarhus

    Lokasi: Kongevejen 100, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

    Telepon: +45 33 40 10 10

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