The area around Aarhus has a lot to offer, whether you are into culture, nature or history. For example, visit the architecturally-unique Moesgaard Museum, where you can travel back in time to ancient Denmark, or climb the Sky Mountain (Himmelbjerget) in the beautiful Lake Highland (Søhøjlandet), which is perfect for hiking or sailing in gorgeous natural surroundings. Less than an hour from Aarhus, you will also find the largest summer land in the Nordic countries, as well as a zoo, where you can get close to the animals in their natural surroundings.

    Eastern Jutland has many hidden treasures that are just waiting to be discovered by you.


    Moesgaard Museum

    Travel back to the Stone Age and meet ancient man

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    Moesgaard Museum is a museum for world-class archaeology and ethnography. The museum’s exhibits tell vivid and educational stories about ancient Denmark for the whole family. Be impressed by ancient finds, such as runestones and weapon offerings from the local area or the Grauballe Man (Grauballemanden), which is the world’s best preserved bog body.

    In 2014, the museum moved from its old premises at the Moesgård manor and into the newly-constructed museum building, which is dug into a south-facing slope next to the old manor. With its sloping, grass-covered roof, the museum practically blends in with its surroundings, and when you climb the slanted roof, you get a magical view of the nearby forests and green meadows.

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    Lokasi: Moesgård Allé 15, 8270 Højbjerg, Denmark

    Buka: Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm.

    Telepon: +45 87 39 40 00


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    Randers Tropical Zoo (Randers Regnskov)

    An authentic rainforest experience in tropical heat

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    Randers Tropical Zoo (Randers Regnskov) is a tropical zoo which invites curious travellers inside for a unique experience. The three large domes that you can see from the outside act as massive greenhouses. The domes create the perfect temperature and humidity to imitate three of the large tropical continents: Africa, Asia and South America.

    When you step into a dome, it is like stepping into a rainforest, where the plants and animals grow and move freely around you. See if you can spot the two-toed sloth and marmosets in the South America dome, and be careful not to get caught up in the lianas in the Africa dome.

    Lokasi: Tørvebryggen 11, 8900 Randers C, Denmark

    Buka: Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm.

    Telepon: +45 87 10 99 99


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    The Sky Mountain (Himmelbjerget)

    Get a view of the Lake Highland from one of Denmark’s highest points

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    The Sky Mountain (Himmelbjerget), which stands at 482 feet, is one of Denmark’s highest points. Even though it is a bit of an exaggeration to call a 482-foot-tall hill the Sky Mountain, you nonetheless get a heavenly view of the magnificent landscape, with endless forests and enchanting lakes. You can find a large network of paths around the Sky Mountain, so there is ample opportunity to explore the area.

    You can also jump on board Hjejlen, which since 1861, has sailed in the Lake Highland (Søhøjlandet) between Silkeborg, Ry and the Sky Mountain.

    Lokasi: 8680 Ry, Denmark


    Mols Bjerge National Park (Nationalpark Mols Bjerge)

    Fresh air, tall hills and gems of natural history

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    The unique hilly landscape, which characterises Mols Bjerge National Park (Nationalpark Mols Bjerge), tells a fascinating story from Denmark’s ice age. Here, gigantic slabs of ice created a landscape of large meltwater plains and characteristic craters. This landscape persists to this day, and it is frequently visited by eager hikers and curious explorers. The beautiful national park is home to many exciting sights. For example, visit Kalø Castle Ruins (Kalø Slotsruin), which used to be a royal castle from the 14th century, or the many dolmens and burial mounds from the end of the Viking Age.

    If you want to take the outdoor experience to a new level, you can stay the night at one of the primitive shelters and sleep under the stars, far from street lights, traffic and noise.

    Lokasi: 8410 Rønde, Denmark


    Djurs Sommerland

    The most visited Nordic summer land and Europe’s Best Family Park 2019

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    Er du voksen, midt imellem eller lille? Så’ det Djurs Sommerland! (Are you a grown-up, in-between or small? Go to Djurs Sommerland!) This is the popular jingle that more or less all children and adults know and can sing along with. This is because just about everyone has visited Djurs Sommerland at least once. And this should come as no surprise since the amusement park is home to everything from wild rollercoasters and well-designed theme lands to a huge waterworld and lavish buffets.

    Your heart will race on Juvelen, Denmark’s longest rollercoaster, which blasts off at 53 miles per hour, or you can play cowboy for a day in Westernland, where you can dig for gold or go river rafting in Rio Grande.

    Lokasi: Battrupholtvej 3, 8581 Nimtofte, Denmark

    Buka: Opening hours vary by season.

    Telepon: +45 86 39 84 00


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    Art, history, nature and animal life – Søhøjlandet’s epicentre has it all

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    Silkeborg offers experiences for both culture enthusiasts and nature lovers. If you like art, you can visit Museum Jorn, which was founded by one of the 20th century’s most influential artists, Asger Jorn. You can also drop by Museum Silkeborg, where you can see the Tollund Man (Tollundmanden), which is a particularly well-preserved bog body.

    In Silkeborg, you will also find lots of fantastic outdoor experiences. Go sailing on Hjejlen and experience the Lake Highland (Søhøjlandet) from its most beautiful angle, or walk along one of the many paths to the top of the Sky Mountain (Himmelbjerget), from where you can enjoy a fantastic view of the green forests and endless lakes. You can also take the family with you and visit AQUA, for a close up encounter with animals from Danish nature.

    Lokasi: 8600 Silkeborg, Denmark



    Discover the beech forest’s hidden treasures and explore middle age relics

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    Skanderborg is best known for its festival, Denmark’s Most Beautiful Festival (Danmarks Smukkeste Festival), which is held annually in August under the light-green beech leaves of The Deer Park (Dyrehaven). However, the beech forest is home to more than just happy festival guests. You can also go down in the Skanderborg Bunkers (Skanderborg Bunkerne) and hear stories about the German occupation. With its location in the Lake Highland (Søhøjlandet), Skanderborg also offers lots of great nature experiences. For example, rent a canoe and sail to Æbelø, one of the four islands on Skanderborg Lake (Skanderborg Sø) or take a bike ride in idyllic surroundings around the lake.

    If you are interested in history, you should definitely visit the Castle Chapel (Slotskirken). This remnant from the town’s old medieval castle was home to both Frederik II and Christian IV.

    Lokasi: 8660 Skanderborg, Denmark



    A coastal town brimming with medieval atmosphere, nostalgia and charm

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    Ebeltoft is a charming coastal town located in Djursland, north of Aarhus. The twisty cobblestone streets radiate nostalgia, and during the summer, the town’s cafes, restaurants and small specialty stores truly come to life. Ebeltoft is a popular summer cottage area, which attracts lots of tourists from Denmark and abroad every year. The town’s historic environment culminates on Torvet, in front of the Old Town Hall (Gamle Rådhus), which is one of the town’s proud landmarks. The most important landmark in town is, however, the Jutland Frigate (Fregatten Jylland), the world’s longest wooden vessel.

    Not far from Ebeltoft centre, you can find Kalø Castle Ruins (Kalø Slotsruin), which are the ruins of an old castle from the end of the Viking Age, as well as Mols Bjerge National Park (Nationalpark Mols Bjerge), where you can hike in beautiful natural surroundings.

    Lokasi: 8400 Ebeltoft, Denmark


    Ree Park Safari

    Land Rover safari, wild animal activities and a beautiful natural setting

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    Ree Park Safari is quite an exceptional zoo. Here you can go on a safari and see some of the wild animals from the African savannah close up. Check out the length of a giraffe’s neck with your own eyes, or let yourself be surprised by how fast ostriches can run over the Jutlandic savannah. At Ree Park, you can also see Denmark’s only black rhino and cheetahs.

    The zoo is divided into the four parts of the world, and you will soon notice the effort that has been put into providing animals with lots of room to move in environments that are as reminiscent as possible to their natural surroundings.

    Lokasi: Stubbe Søvej 15, 8400 Ebeltoft, Denmark

    Buka: Opening hours vary by season.

    Telepon: +45 86 33 61 50


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    The Beach Forest (Strandskoven) in Højbjerg

    Pack a towel and swimwear in the picnic basket for your trip to the woods

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    Back in 1935, Aarhus Municipality purchased a large field, forest and beach area close to Moesgård, which it turned into a leisure area. Today, this place goes by the name the Beach Forest (Strandskoven), which may seem strange since beaches and forests don’t normally mix. Nonetheless, this is an accurate description of what you will find in the beautiful nature in this area.

    The Beach Forest is one of Denmark’s most visited bathing beaches, and it also offers an idyllic setting for a picnic.

    Lokasi: 8270 Højbjerg, Denmark

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