Zakynthos is blessed with some beautiful beaches and natural scenery. Vibrant flowers and gorgeous cliffs add to the charm of this Greek island in the Ionian Sea. From the high limestone rocks, you have splendid views of the turquoise water and a shimmering beach with an old shipwreck. 

    Further inland, the countryside has picturesque villages, lush olive gardens, and centuries-old monasteries. The combination of coastal scenery, cosy shops, nightlife and the traditional countryside make Zakynthos a versatile destination. Read our travel tips to make the most of your time on the island.


    Navagio (Shipwreck Cove)

    Soak up stunning beach views from high above

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    Navagio, or Shipwreck Cove, is an excellent spot to see a large part of Zakynthos’ dramatic coastline. It’s most popular for its shipwreck, which rests on the sandy beach. The cove’s surrounding limestone cliffs makes you feel as if you have the entire area to yourself. Navagio is in the northwest of the island, around 35 km from Zakynthos town.

    Going to Shipwreck Cove requires a boat cruise from the harbours of Agios Nikolaos or Zakynthos town. This costs respectively about €15 to €30 for a roundtrip ticket. You can reach the viewing platform by car.

    Lokasi: Elation, 290 90, Greece

    Buka: Boats operate from early morning to late afternoon


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    Marathonisi (Turtle Island)

    Visit natural turtle hatcheries and beautiful caves

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    Marathonisi is a getaway island that revolves around nature. Loggerhead sea turtles nestle on this tiny isle. There’s a high chance of spotting a few of them swimming in the sea. Even when they’re not around, you can still see their traces on the sand. The lush vegetation of Marathonisi and lack of inhabitants and shops gives the atoll a rustic vibe.

    This island lies approximately 2 km from the southern coast of Zakynthos. A 4-hour tour of Marathonisi Island starts from €25 per person.

    Lokasi: Marathonisi Island, Zakynthos, Greece

    Buka: Tours run until sunset


    Keri Caves

    Explore mighty gates forged by the power of nature

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    During an organised tour to the Keri Caves, you’ll get to see natural carvings on limestone walls. Water and wind have shaped the southernmost tip of Zakynthos into a maze of caverns and natural gates hanging above the sea. The tour boats even sail under these stone arches.

    The water looks so inviting for a swim or snorkelling session because the visibility is stunning. A plunge into the dark caves is one of the best things to do in Zakynthos. An even more fabulous way to meander through the lagoons is by sea kayak, giving you more freedom.

    Lokasi: Keri, 290 92, Zakynthos, Greece


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    Byzantine Museum

    Dive deep into the long history of Greek arts

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    The Byzantine Museum in Zakynthos town displays Greek art on 3 floors. You can examine anything from aged wood carvings to 17th-century paintings and contemporary artworks. Especially the Byzantine frescos will impress art lovers.

    Besides the exhibitions, you can check a scale model of Zakynthos island before an earthquake in 1953. Some of the artworks in the Byzantine Museum were even saved from collapsed churches after the quake shook Zakynthos. Don’t forget to capture the exterior of the museum – it’s rebuilt according to ancient Greek styles, with towering pillars and elegant arches. 

    Lokasi: Platia Solomou, Zakinthos 291 00, Greece

    Buka: Tuesday–Sunday from 8.30 am to 3 pm

    Telepon: +30 2695 042714


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    Venetian Castle

    Travel back in time to a 15th-century fortress

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    The Venetian Castle sits on a hilltop, just outside the centre of Zakynthos town. While the castle is partially overgrown by weeds and trees, the walls remind you of more prosperous times. You can walk over the walls of the fortress, which tragically has been destroyed during invasions and more recent earthquakes.

    A great time to visit is in April or May when flowers are in full bloom, almost restoring the castle’s former glory. Views over Zakynthos and the shoreline are a lovely bonus, not to mention, a reward for the hike up the hill at the same time. The entrance fee is about €4.

    Lokasi: Bochali 291 00, Zakynthos, Greece

    Buka: Monday, Wednesday–Saturday from 8 am to 3 pm (closed on Tuesdays and Sundays)


    National Marine Park of Zakynthos

    Observe the rich animal kingdom on the south coast

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    The National Marine Park of Zakynthos is in the Bay of Laganas. It’s a gathering place for various animals, making it a haven for nature lovers. Loggerhead sea turtles lay their eggs here in summer, while seals show their cute faces regularly. You might even spot dolphins in the calm waters and several species of butterflies floating above the sand dunes.

    The National Marine Park of Zakynthos lies 5 km northeast of Laganas Beach. The lengthy waterfront makes for a relaxing walk with views of the ocean.

    Lokasi: Laganas, 290 92, Zakynthos, Greece


    Anafonitria Monastery

    Indulge in Zakynthos rich religious past

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    The medieval Anafonitria Monastery is an excellent example of Byzantine architecture. Cracks in the wall, the crumbled courtyard, and the clock tower make for a charming scene. The monastery’s location near Shipwreck Cove makes it easy to include it in your itinerary.

    Anafonitria Monastery was founded in the 15th century and is dedicated to the Holy Virgin Mary. Don’t forget to go inside the buildings, where the walls are decorated with frescos that date back to the 1500s. This site is a history lesson on its own, but most of all, a peaceful retreat.

    Lokasi: Elation, 290 90, Greece


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    Hanne Mi’s Ceramic Art Studio

    Look for artsy clay creations in a pottery studio

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    Zakynthos is famous for its shops with homemade goodies, and Hanne Mi’s Ceramic Art Studio is a perfect example of craftsmanship. In her studio in Vassilikos, 15 km south of Zakynthos town, its owner has created a display of colourful mugs, plates, and other ceramics.

    Not only does she create her own handiworks, but she also shares her expertise with those who are interested in mastering the pottery process. Private and group classes are available, making this not only a charming shopping place but a culturally enriching experience in Zakynthos.

    Lokasi: Vasilikos, 291 00, Zakynthos, Greece

    Buka: May to October daily from 9 am to 8 pm, from October to May by appointment.

    Telepon: +30 269 5035012.


    Logothetis Organic Farm

    Experience Greece’s original olive culture

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    At Logothetis Organic Farm, you can wander through large olive yards and taste fresh produce. Olives are as Greek as mythical gods and feta cheese – the ancient civilization and the plant are inseparable. Therefore, learning about the stages from the growth of the fruit until the oil processing is quite a remarkable event.

    This is a fantastic activity with kids, mainly because the owners rent out mountain bikes at affordable prices. Horse rides in the surrounding nature and taste-testing of fresh olive oil top off this ultimately Greek affair. Wine, goat cheese, and other goodies are available in the onsite shop.

    Lokasi: Vassilikos, 291 00, Zakynthos, Greece

    Buka: Daily from 10 am to 8 pm

    Telepon: +30 26950 35345


    Watch the sunset and have dinner in Kampi

    Enjoy views of the descending sun all by yourself

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    The municipality of Kampi is a sleepy village that offers impressive sunset views. Lying on the west coast of Zakynthos, the cliffs along the coast are so spectacular that any spot would suffice. We recommend having dinner at one of the local tavernas, where you can watch the sky change colours while enjoying traditional Greek food. 

    Lokasi: Kampi, 290 91, Zakynthos, 290 91, Greece


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    Party in Laganas

    Dance the night away in Zakynthos’ party town

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    Laganas, around 10 km south of Zakynthos town, is the epicentre of entertainment on the island. This beach town has plenty of laidback bars and taverns, where you can enjoy local wines and shots of ouzo.

    Are you in the mood to swing your hips? A handful of nightclubs open their doors until you can see the sun rising from the sea surface. The beach, night breezes, and booze are ingredients for a memorable time from dusk till dawn, especially in Zakynthos.

    Lokasi: Laganas, 290 92, Zakynthos, Greece


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