Siam Amazing Park has a large area dedicated to a waterpark, a separate amusement park with fantastic rides, and another section showcasing Bangkok's cultural heritage. This amusement park is around 30 km east of the city centre, so it's a good idea to set aside a day of your Bangkok trip to enjoy its many rides and attractions. 

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Highlights of Siam Amazing Park

You enter Siam Amazing Park via a multi-coloured princess's castle. It's separated into Water World, X-Zone, Family World, Fantasy World, and Small World, each of which offers rides to suit most ages. 

Water World is one of the park's most popular zones, where you can enjoy leisurely rides along a river that flows through the park. Siam Amazing Park also has a wave pool, with small waves and shallow areas, as well as a gentle slope to paddle in. Super Spiral has waterslides weaving in and out, while the Speed Slide is a 7-storey rainbow slide that hurls you down a splash pool at breakneck speed.


X-Zone has several thrilling rides that might appeal to adults and older kids. Vortex is one of the largest suspended roller coasters in the world, with a maximum speed of 80 km/h. Boomerang propels you in a triple loop forwards before bouncing you back round. Screams from the Giant Drop can be heard as you walk by, as they fall for several seconds from a height of 75 metres. 

Small World is suitable for young kids, with a mini carousel, small pond with swan boats and a bouncy castle. The best thing about Small World is that most of the rides are covered to protect the little ones from the afternoon heat. 

Good to know about Siam Amazing Park

Bangkok World at Siam Amazing Park is a massive attraction where you can see authentic replicas of charming old buildings and temples. Several onsite markets sell souvenirs, clothes, Thai street food, and organic produce. You can enjoy dinner with a traditional dance show in the evenings. 

Siam Amazing Park

Lokasi: 203 Suan Siam Rd, Kannayao, Bangkok 10230, Thailand

Buka: Daily from 10am to 6pm

Telepon: +66 (0)2 919 7200

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