Koh Rong is a group of islands just off the Cambodian coast, near Sihanoukville, which offers 23 amazing white-sand beaches bordering azure seas. It is still very much an unspoilt paradise, with 5 tiny islands in the area, 3 of which are uninhabited. Of the other 2, the main island of Koh Rong is a bit of a party island that's popular with backpackers, while Koh Rong Sanloem has a quieter and more easygoing atmosphere.

Many people visit Koh Rong and Koh Rong Sanloem for the fantastic beach experience alone. With only a few exceptions, staying on Koh Rong is very budget-friendly. There is already a pretty good range of accommodation available, from high-end private resorts to low-cost guesthouses and beach bungalows.

Atraksi wisata di Koh Rong

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The question of what to do in Koh Rong is almost always answered with: “beach day!” The tiny island of Koh Rong and its even smaller neighbour – Koh Rong Sanloem – are most famous for their beautiful beaches. Almost 50% of the 61-km-long coastline on the main island has pristine white sands meeting turquoise waters. While the tropical island paradise is very charming for the fact that it is largely...

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Makanan & tempat makan di Koh Rong

  • 5 Best Restaurants in Koh Rong

    The best restaurants in Koh Rong offer surprisingly high quality on what is essentially a desert island off the coast of Cambodia. Most of the places on our list have a rather rustic beach shack look from the outside, but with the talents of excellent local and international chefs in their kitchens, they deliver great tastes at affordable prices. The majority...

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Tempat belanja & suvenir di Koh Rong

  • 4 Best Places to Go Shopping in Koh Rong

    Koh Rong is certainly no shopaholic’s paradise as there are next to no shops on the island, other than a few basic convenience stores. There are no regular markets, no supermarkets, no malls and not even any wandering peddlers. We’ve listed what little there is available here to help you plan on what basic supplies you will need to bring...

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Atraksi & aktivitas malam di Koh Rong

  • 5 Best Nightlife in Koh Rong

    The best nightlife in Koh Rong consists mostly of backpacker and hippie bars in Koh Tui Village. Few of the other beaches have much of a nightlife scene, but the range available in the island’s main port is increasingly varied and interesting, with great views, cheap drinks, lively parties and relaxing vibes. For now, there aren’t too many places to...

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