Alghero is a beautiful beach town on the northwest coast of Sardinia that’s filled with historical charm. Settled since prehistoric times, the area has been controlled by numerous different European powers, each leaving its own distinctive marks. These range from the Bronze Age towers to 16th-century city walls, with other highlights including the town’s cathedral and historic churches. 

However, the ancient architecture alone is not the reason that the town’s population almost triples each summer. The area around it has about a dozen stunning beaches, bays and national parks where you can enjoy the hot Mediterranean sun and calm sea in a beautiful setting. Add an excellent dining scene and a wealth of bars and clubs and you have a first-class destination for an Italian beach break. 

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  •  10 Best Things to Do this Summer in Alghero

    The best things to do this summer in Alghero take full advantage of this beautiful destination on the north-western coast of Sardinia. The city's population of roughly 40,000 people can almost triple in size during the summer months as people flock here to enjoy the combination of sandy beaches and rich history. Follow our favourite summer activities to see just what makes this...

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