The Campania coastline is known for its wild charm and variety of coastal landscapes, all of which serve to make the area beloved by bathers, tourists and water-sports enthusiasts. There’s no end to the gems hidden among the overhanging cliffs or in the untouched natural settings of Parco Nazionale del Cilento (Cilento National Park), Vallo di Diano and the Alburni mountain range.

    You'll be struck by the tuff cliffs, breathtaking fjords and archaeological treasures on the shores of the region. Want to discover the best-known spots? Grab your towel and sun cream as we take you to the top 10 Campania beaches where you can plant your parasol.


    Cala Bianca

    An idyllic beach surrounded by wild rocks

    At Cala Bianca, an expanse of turquoise water gives way to a sandy beach and a gentle hill covered with trees and thick shrubs. This is the magical scene that awaits you if you approach this famous cove in Marina di Camerota from the sea. Love to hike? Then take the path through the Mediterranean scrub, along the Costa degli Infreschi coastline, and you'll be treated to postcard-worthy views.

    It's not a short route, but once you arrive your effort will have paid off: you'll have reached an oasis of calm and tranquillity, warmed by the sun and lulled by the sound of the tide. If you've brought fins and a mask, dive into the waves in the small bay to explore the seabed that's home to rich plant and animal life.

    Lokasi: 84050 Camerota, Italy


    Punta Licosa

    The irresistible sirens' song amid ancient and modern myths

    Punta Licosa is a heavenly beach is one of the most beautiful in the world and can only be reached on foot or by boat. Even the ancient Romans knew about it, as evidenced by various villas, while today it's very popular among celebrities.

    Its rocky seabed is the ideal habitat for many species of marine creatures, so much so that the place has become a point of reference among diving fans. And who knows, maybe you'll even manage to spot a mythical siren between the waves? The beach's name is rooted in the myth of the siren Leucosia, defeated by Ulysses.

    Lokasi: 84048 Castellabate, Italy


    Castello di Baia Beach

    And exclusive lido that can only be reached by boat

    Spiaggia del Castello di Baia (Castello di Baia Beach) is an unforgettable place to spend a day of sun and sea. Jump aboard the sea shuttles that depart from Baia and in just a few minutes you'll be on an amazing accessible beach. The result of a redevelopment of the area, the lido is equipped with umbrellas, sunbeds and deckchairs available for hire.

    It's also home to a wonderful restaurant where you can try the specialities of Neapolitan cuisine or grab a quick sandwich to go. The name of the beach comes from the Castello Aragonese (Aragonese Castle) in Baia that dominates the gulf with its centuries-old, imposing size.

    Lokasi: Via Lucullo, 75, 80070 Bacoli, Italy


    Chiaiolella Beach

    A wild lido on the island of Procida, behind a tiny town

    Marina Chiaiolella is among the most stunning places on the island of Procida, and the surrounding coastline is no exception. Behind the colourful little houses and the marina, a sandy seashore stretches out, lapped by the clear, turquoise sea. There are several beaches here, but the smallest and most beautiful takes its name from the marina, Chiaiolella, also known as Ciracciello.

    Popular with families thanks to its shallow waters, making it safe to swim for all ages, it's known for being the home of two majestic tuff sea stacks that are all that remain from a crag that once separated it from the other beaches.

    Lokasi: Via Marina Chiaiolella, 80079 Procida, Italy


    Bay of Trentova

    A kaleidoscope of colours and impressions

    The Baia di Trentova (Bay of Trentova) is bound to wow you with the turquoise sea and the intensely green hills. This amazing bay has even earned itself the title of UNESCO World Heritage, and it's the perfect place for an unforgettable holiday with friends, as a couple or family.

    Kids will love the soft golden sand and have a blast using it to build sandcastles, while the sea full of fish makes it an irresistible attraction for fans of snorkelling. There is a large car park at the lido and part of the area has amenities. An interesting fact: the name recalls an old legend associated with a turtle's or seagull's nest with 30 eggs.

    Lokasi: 84043 Agropoli, Italy


    Gaiola Beach

    Dive into the ancient story of Parthenope

    Spiaggia della Gaiola (Gaiola Beach) gives you the chance to dive into the waves and visit an underwater archaeological park. This beach in Naples It is found in the Area Marina Protetta Parco Sommerso di Gaiola (Gaiola Underwater Park Marine Protected Area), delimited by the tuff sea stacks sculpted by the waves over millennia.

    Grab some fins and a snorkel and get ready to discover the many finds present on the seabed, swimming beside thousands of colourful fish and exploring the ruins of a Roman-age villa. If the depths of the sea fascinate you but you don't have experience with snorkelling, book a trip on one of the glass-bottom boats that leave from the marina in Gaiola. You'll be able to see fish and archaeological remains while staying comfortable and dry.

    Lokasi: Discesa Gaiola, 14, 80123 Naples, Italy


    Crapolla Cove

    Nordic scenery under the Mediterranean sun

    Fiordo di Crapolla (Crapolla Cove) is so beautiful that it deserves to be more famous. This stunning spot is found in a small hamlet of Massa Lubrense on the Sorrentine Peninsula. Here, this narrow inlet between the rocks is similar in nearly every way to the famous Scandinavian fjords – except for the climate.

    To reach the small, unspoilt beach you have to walk for around 30 minutes until you finally reach nearly 700 steps carved into the rock. When you arrive at the beach, you'll see that it was worth it: the sea invites you to dive straight in and the soft sand is perfect for lying down and topping up your tan.

    Lokasi: 80061 Massa Lubrense, Italy


    Schiacchetiello Beach

    Tuff coastline with a view of Punta Pennata Island

    The bay at Schiacchetiello is so beautiful it even seduced Ulysses, who chose it as a stopping place during his travels in the Mediterranean. And no wonder: this bit of the Phlegraean Fields will take your breath away, and is so stunning that the locals call it nu muorzo 'e paradiso ('a little piece of heaven').

    The fine sandy lido is surrounded by walls made of tuff, the rock typical of the area, and slopes gently into the clear sea. It offers an amazing view of Punta Pennata Island, directly opposite the beach. giving you the perfect background to snap a selfie.

    Lokasi: 80070 Bacoli, Italy


    Acciaroli Grande Beach

    The Cilento seaside loved by families with kids

    Spiaggia Grande di Acciaroli (Acciaroli Grande Beach) is an expanse of fine sand that stretches all the way to Mezzatorre di San Mauro Cilento. Despite being well served by bars, restaurants and tourist facilities, the area has managed to maintain a balanced ecosystem, so it's not unusual to see loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta).

    If you're travelling with kids and older people, it's the perfect spot to spend a day of sea and sun in total relaxation. The shallow sea and impeccably clean water make bathing safe even for less expert swimmers.

    Lokasi: Via Nazionale, 9, 84068 Pollica, Italy


    Marina di Ascea Beach

    An extensive coastline overlooking clear waters

    Spiaggia di Marina di Ascea (Marina di Ascea Beach) is a long strip of golden sand that goes from Punta del Telegrafo to Casal Velino Marina. Found in the Parco Nazionale del Cilento, Vallo di Diano e Alburni (Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni National Park), it's one of the most popular and best-loved beaches in all of Campania.

    The soft dunes stretch for miles, forming the ideal habitat for many native plant species. There are both free beaches and beaches with amenities along the coast here, so you can choose whether to bring your own umbrella or hire one together with a deckchair and sunbed at one of the many private spots.

    Lokasi: 84046 Ascea, Italy


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