Sorrento is filled with excellent restaurants for waterfront dining and delicious Italian food, but the night doesn’t end there. You can have just about any type of evening you wish, from relaxing strolls along the coast to shopping to bars and nightclubs with creative cocktails.

    Whether you want a romantic evening, a memorable family night, a singles experience or anything in between, here some ideas on where to go at night and great things to do after dinner in Sorrento.


    Take an evening walk or passeggiata

    Stroll down the coast of Sorrento

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    Temperatures in Sorrento drop when the sun starts to set, making it cool enough for relaxing strolls, locally referred to as passeggiata, in the city centre. Most of the restaurants and shops remain open until late, so you can get some shopping in or grab an ice cream and watch the sunset.

    It’s also a lot quieter in the evenings, so you can immerse yourself in the personality and atmosphere of Sorrento without the crowds. You could stick to the city centre or venture into the off-the-beaten-track places to see what you come across.


    Amalfi Drive

    See the spectacular coast along Strada Statale 163

    The Amalfi Drive is the popular nickname for Strada Statale 163, a road that runs along the coast and is a must-do for visitors to Sorrento. It stretches from Sorrento to Amalfi and offers spectacular coastal views, especially when the sun starts to set and the villages and resorts light up.

    You can take the drive yourself or book a bus tour to experience it, but having a vehicle makes it much easier to make unscheduled stops at stands, shops, and cafes. You never know what you may find during the trip.


    Grab a drink at a cafe with a terrace

    Sip away while taking in the views

    Even after dinner in Sorrento, having a drink at a cafe is a great way to unwind at the end of the day and into the evening. Aperitivos are available with and without alcohol, so you can relax in the cafe and have a quiet evening watching the activity in the city.

    Many cafes with terraces are centred around the town square, so you can see the people going about their night. Keep in mind that many people in Sorrento dine late, so you could even have an aperitivo before dinner.


    Take an evening cruise from the marina

    For a different perspective of the coastal city

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    Several marinas in Sorrento offer boat cruises to nearby attractions like Capri and Naples. If you want a different perspective of the coastal scenery and the city, a boat cruise is just the way to do it.

    Cruises from Sorrento in the early evening let you take in the scenery by light and enjoy the sunset over the water before the stars come out. Boat cruises are about as romantic as it gets, but many are family-friendly and sure to be a fun time for everyone.


    Dance at a nightclub

    Choose from Sorrento's numerous hot spots

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    Despite its laid-back atmosphere, Sorrento has a thriving nightlife and numerous nightclubs to choose from. Most of the nightclubs boast live music in both Italian and global sounds, as well as eclectic mixes for an interesting experience.

    After dinner, you can head to the nightclub to get some exercise in and blow off some steam. Nightclubs are perfect for singles, but couples can have some fun after the kids go to sleep. Tiffany is one of the most famous nightclubs in Sorrento, but Tasso and Fauno are also popular options.


    Go for a stroll by the harbour

    Watch the city lights come to life

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    Even though Sorrento isn’t noted for having any long stretch of sand, the coastal city does offer a lovely seaside holiday. Coastal walks give you the delight of a sunset over the water and the picturesque shoreline and boats, and the best place for a stroll is right along Sorrento’s harbour.

    Walks are great just as the sun starts to set because you can watch the lights of the city come to life for all the great dining and nightlife that it offers. If you’re not ready to end the night, you can extend your walk into the city areas to see the different scenes of the city by night.


    See a tarantella show

    Join in on the folk dance of southern Italy

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    Experience a colourful aspect of Sorrento culture by attending a tarantella show at a local club in the city. A tarantella is a group of folk dances in southern Italy featuring an upbeat tempo and tambourine sounds. Much like the tango and flamenco, the traditional dance features unique music composed specifically for it.

    This type of dance is becoming a lost art, so there’s no better way to keep the art alive than experiencing an authentic tarantella to add to the memories of your visit that you can share online or with folks back home.

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    Gelateria David

    Taste Sorrento's premium gelato

    Gelateria David is a high-end gelateria in the centre of Sorrento that’s been making gelato and ice cream since the 1930s. You can get a wide variety of flavours and types here, such as waffle, crepes, pan David, yoghurt, mousse cakes, gelato cones, and more.

    If you want to take your experience beyond gelato, you can learn the craft by taking a gelato class with the masters and create your own unique and authentic flavours. After the class, students are invited to sample different flavours that are in daily production.

    Lokasi: Via Marziale, 19, 80067 Sorrento NA, Italy

    Buka: Daily from 8.30 am to 1 am

    Telepon: +39 08 1807 3649


    Grab a bottle of limoncello

    Taste the delicious lemon liqueur of southern Italy

    Limoncello, a staple of southern Italy, is a delicious lemon liqueur that’s known for its smooth, sweet, lemon flavour. Limoncello may be sipped on its own, mixed into sparkling water or blending or stirred into cocktails.

    During your trip to Sorrento, be sure to try a limoncello drink at a local bar or restaurant to experience this unique flavour from its home region. If you like, you can buy a bottle of local limoncello to bring home as a gift for friends or a memento of your trip to this coastal city.


    Watch the sun set over the sea

    Catch one of Sorrento's spectacular moments

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    Sorrento’s sunsets are truly spectacular. With the mountainous coastline and charming villages and buildings perched on cliffs, Sorrento’s landscape is ideal for a picture. With the colourful sunsets over the turquoise seas, the landscape is bathed in fading light for an unforgettable view.

    You can take in the sunset on your walks along the coast, by taking a scenic drive or booking a sunset boat cruise. Even if you choose dinner or drinks on a terrace, you could still be treated to one of Sorrento's most magical moments.

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