Atami is a seaside city in Japan on the Izu Peninsula in the Shizuoka Prefecture known for its national parks, hot spring resort areas, beaches and cultural activities. Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park just outside of town is home to the famed and iconic Mount Fuji volcano, as well as numerous natural hot springs, public onsen baths and a human-made beach along Sagami Bay. Exciting cultural attractions here include the collection of East Asian art at the MOA Museum of Art, which consists of over 3500 pieces, and the Kinomiya Shrine, where you can see an ancient camphor tree.

You can also visit the famed Atami Plum Garden to witness its bright pink blossoms in April, or capture scenic views from Atami Castle. At Hatsushima, you can explore a small island offering scuba diving and outstanding seafood restaurants, while at Acao Forest, you’ll get your pulse racing with a cliffside swing. Fantastic shopping is available at the Atami Ekimae Shotengai covered shopping arcade, while quirky and immersive 3D art installations can be found at the Atami Trick Art Museum.

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  • Atami Travel Guide

    The history of Atami dates back to the Nara period (710—794). The town's many hot springs flow with water that's gentle on the skin and has a smooth, weak alkaline quality. This is the famous hot spring water that Ieyasu Tokugawa loved so much he had it brought to Edo Castle. Atami was the in-place for honeymoons in the Showa era,...

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  • 5 Best Restaurants in Atami

    The best restaurants in Atami utilise the seaside city’s abundance of fresh seafood. This popular resort boasts a rugged coastline, azure seas, and plentiful hot springs. Being close to a fishing port means an abundant choice of fish, crab, shrimp, and all kinds of seafood, but there's much more to the local cuisine, from tasty hole-in-the-wall noodle places and fine...

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