Hyogo Prefecture offers a fascinating blend of big-city modernity and old-world charm in Japan. Stretching between the Sea of Japan and the Seto Inland Sea, it has excellent hot spring resorts, such as the urban Arima Onsen and quaint Kinosaki, a riverside retreat where locals still stroll the streets in traditional kimonos and clogs, as well as the port city of Kobe, where top-notch restaurants serve up the world-famous Kobe beef in the shadows of Mount Rokko.

No trip to Hyogo is complete without taking in the historic sites – Himeji Castle is one of the country’s most spectacular feudal castles. The cloud-shrouded ruins of 15th-century Takeda Castle offer an excellent spot to catch the sunrise – but you should also allocate some time to explore Hyogo's recreational opportunities, including skiing, kayaking, and hiking.

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    Kobe city is the place to be if you want to enjoy an evening outing after dinner in the Hyogo area. As well as the illuminations that attract many dating couples, Kobe has plenty of energetic night spots including legendary live music venues, clubs, bars and night cafés. If you fancy exploring outside the city, take a drive out to...

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