Okinawa Island is situated about 400 miles south of Japan, and although now a Japanese prefecture, its origins in the Ryuku Kingdom can still be felt in the ruined castles and traditional villages that sit comfortably amongst pristine beaches and modern markets. Whether you want to tour the 14th-century Shuri Castle or wander down the Bise Fukugi Tree Road, for curious visitors, Okinawa is an open-air museum.

Leisure seekers will also find plenty to love, as the island offers stunning sunsets, great surfing, and eclectic shops like the Yomitan Pottery Village, where you can find a one-of-a-kind souvenir.

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Things to do in Okinawa offer a stunning juxtaposition of ancient history and tradition with a bustling modern vibe and tons of theme parks, animal experiences, shopping and dining. This island has a culture that dates back thousands of years, but one that has been fundamentally changed by contact with the West. You can see native sea life at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium or see the children's museum and animals...

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Makanan & tempat makan di Okinawa (and vicinity)

Food and dining in Okinawa offer a world of speciality foods and restaurants that serve traditional local cuisine and fusion foods that blend East and West. While here, you'll want to experience Okinawa soba, a noodle dish that dates back thousands of years with pork ribs and fish cake. You can try it at Akisoba in Haha-shi. Goya champuru is a famous 'anything goes' dish often made with tofu, meat...

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Tempat belanja & suvenir di Okinawa (and vicinity)

Shopping in Okinawa offers everything from ultra-modern shopping centres to unique and independent boutique shops selling locally handmade arts and crafts or speciality foods and drinks. At American Village, you can explore a combination shopping centre and amusement park with a stunning juxtaposition of Eastern culture and American style. At Minsā Kōgeikan, you'll learn about weaving and textiles on the island, and you can buy handmade items or try weaving...

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Nightlife in Okinawa has changed over time but has always been vibrant in this thriving trade hub with teahouses, pubs and live entertainment. At local Izakaya establishments, you'll find businesspeople sitting on tatami mats enjoying all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink specials. The region also has plenty of local drinks to enjoy from Orion beer to awamori rice wine. A unique hot spot here is The Dojo Bar, owned by a British ex-pat...

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