The Brooklyn Bridge has been one of New York City’s most legendary symbols for over a century. The suspension bridge opened in 1883 crossing the East River and created the first roadway connection between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists use the bridge 365 days per year to make their daily commute or enjoy incredible sights of The Big Apple. The bridge has transformed into a cultural phenomenon and makes regular appearances on the big screen for productions filmed in New York City.

    The Brooklyn Bridge remains a vital transportation link for residents and a draw for visitors. The bridge receives over 100,000 daily, who admire the spectacular panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline. Most pedestrians spend about 30 minutes crossing the bridge, but be prepared to stay longer on this scenic walkway. From its stunning architectural features to the animated vendors selling unique items, a day on the Brooklyn Bridge will be a lighthearted occasion.

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    What are the highlights and features of the Brooklyn Bridge?

    The opening of the Brooklyn Bridge symbolised American technological achievement in the country’s grandest city. Its pioneering design and profound beauty have inspired architects, engineers, artists, and photographers for generations. Crossing the bridge and appreciating its grandeur remains one of New York City’s most popular attractions. If you approach the Brooklyn Bridge from Pier 15 in the Seaport District, you can watch boats cruise beneath the historic landmark. As you walk onto the promenade, you’ll spot dozens of vendors selling snacks and NYC souvenirs.

    Standing on the Brooklyn Bridge lets you marvel at its architectural majesty and capture magnificent photos of the Lower Manhattan skyline. While looking around with your camera, be wary of cyclists rushing to work and joggers getting a scenic workout. Riverside parks, playgrounds, and picnic areas on the Brooklyn side are picturesque places to unwind before your return trip.

    A brief history of the Brooklyn Bridge

    Before construction on the Brooklyn Bridge began in 1869, Manhattan and Brooklyn were separate cities. German-born American civil engineer John A. Roebling designed the bridge, and the construction efforts were led by his son Washington and daughter-in-law Emily. When the innovative 1,595-ft crossing was completed, it instantly became famous for being the world’s longest suspension bridge.

    An engineering feat, it was the first bridge to use steel for cable wire and its wide promenade above the roadway allowed high-volume traffic. Supported by 4 crisscrossing cables, the deck made room for vehicles and pedestrians needing to cross the East River. The immaculate Gothic towers added to the bridge’s aesthetic value and astonished visitors with its architectural brilliance. After the bridge’s completion, Emily made the first successful journey across and its opening day ceremony was attended by U.S. President Chester A. Arthur.

    Good to know about the Brooklyn Bridge

    Several of the coolest neighbourhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn are beside the Brooklyn Bridge. If you’re heading to Brooklyn, venture to trendy Brooklyn Heights or Dumbo to visit some of the borough’s hottest eateries. Don’t miss the opportunity to wander along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade or relax inside the waterfront Brooklyn Bridge Park to take beautiful photos. For the return trip to Manhattan, vibrant Chinatown and upscale Tribeca are just a few blocks away.

    From Manhattan, you can reach the Brooklyn Bridge by hitching a ride on the 4, 5, or 6 subway line to the Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall station. If you prefer to start in Brooklyn, walk onto the bridge at the intersections of Washington Street and Prospect Street beside Cadman Plaza. Take the A or C subway line to the High Street – Brooklyn Bridge station or the 2 or 3 Line to the Clark Street Station.

    Brooklyn Bridge in New York

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