Seaside is a small northwestern Oregon resort city famed for its surfing beach with recreational trails, historic landmarks, wildlife viewing and coastal adventures. The beachfront is famed for its surf breaks and its historic 1920s promenade. Along the beach, visitors also find the Seaside Aquarium, which includes displays of local sea life and has a touch aquarium where you get the opportunity to pet live sea creatures.

The Captain Kid Amusement Park offers thrill rides, go-karting and mini-golf, food and family entertainment. The Seaside Inverted Experience allows you to feel what it’s like to walk upside down on the ceiling of a bar or fly in the sky over the ocean. The Lewis & Clark Salt Cairn Historic Monument commemorates the visit of the famed mapping expedition with thorough historical notes to learn about the exploration. For more extreme adventures, the High Life Adventure Park Aerial Challenge has a rope course and other experiences high above the ground.

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  • 9 Best Things to Do in Seaside

    Seaside offers history, beaches, beautiful hiking trails, quirky shopping centres with classic malt shops and carousels, and plenty of fun for the whole family. Here, you can ride a traditional carousel with hand-painted horses. Take a visit to the spot where Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery completed their expedition west. Explore miles of oceanside, forested, and wetlands hiking trails, or...

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